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District Plan Change Further Submission Form

Please complete this form if you wish to make a further submission to any Plan Change which is currently publicly notified.

Points to remember when making a submission

  • All submissions are considered public under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, and may be published and made available to elected members and the public.
  • Your submission will not be returned to you once lodged with Council.  Please enter a valid email address and a copy of your submission will be emailed to you.
  • Council will respond in writing to every submission received. Please ensure you provide appropriate contact details so that our response gets back to you.

All fields marked * are mandatory, and must be filled in before you submit this form.

Browser issues 

Browser Issue
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Opera Sometimes boxes in the online forms do not display correctly in the Opera browser.
Non-IE Browsers You cannot type into a multi-lined text box (rich-text box).

If these occur, follow the instructions contained in the document (link below) to resolve the issue. 

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Other browsers

You may experience some difficulty with printing this form if you are using a non-Internet Explorer browser.  If you want a copy of your completed form, please fill in your email address to receive a copy in your email.

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