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Latest News

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This section contains links to latest news published by Council.
Updated: 10/08/2015 10:00 a.m.

This page displays our recent news stories, which were accurate at the time they were published on this site. Previous stories may contain information and/or contacts that may no longer be current. 

Maori news

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The table below displays our news stories for the last 12 months. 


April 2017

Date PublishedNews Title
19 April 2017Former YAG Chair honoured
19 April 2017Gripping Pavers
19 April 2017Parihaka wins national award
12 April 2017Sensational parking signs
12 April 2017Rates - Who should pay what share?
12 April 2017Building is booming
12 April 2017Be prepared for possible flooding in low lying areas
12 April 2017Working together works
5 April 2017Yellow barriers stop falls
5 April 2017Easter and winter rubbish arrangements
5 April 2017Report urges cooperation for northern success
5 April 2017Water water (not) everywhere
5 April 2017Risks from rainfall to continue: Northland Civil Defence

March 2017

Date PublishedNews Title
29 March 2017Explore a fascinating heritage site
29 March 2017Extra tickets available for DHL NZ Lions Series
29 March 2017Liberty Swing
29 March 2017They’ve done it again!
22 March 2017Register your events for the 2017 Matariki Festival now.
22 March 2017Civic Honours call for nominations 2017
22 March 2017Celebrating 5 years of Fritter
22 March 2017New YAG members - ready and raring to go
15 March 2017Sorting out rubbish...
15 March 2017New lookout for Frying pan corner
15 March 2017Where the Wild Kiwis go…
9 March 2017Localised flooding possible from heavy rain across Northland
8 March 2017Minister approves of Whangarei projects
8 March 2017Mayor to mentor young leader
1 March 2017Wastewater projects approved
1 March 2017New stop/go sign for boats
1 March 2017Drought news - check for leaks
1 March 2017Talking to people and planning for the future - 2017/18

February 2017

Date PublishedNews Title
22 February 2017Register your Matariki events
22 February 2017Funding for Wright Road approved
22 February 2017Drought Awareness
22 February 2017Climbing spheres on Loop
15 February 2017Update to Kensington roundabout roadworks
15 February 2017TIME to announce the winners!
8 February 2017YAG - Seeking members
1 February 2017New Youth Advisory Group members sought
1 February 2017It's dry - be wise with water!

January 2017

Date PublishedNews Title
25 January 2017Name sought for Port Road pocket park
25 January 2017Working together to manage dust
19 January 2017Major project topped off at Kensington
18 January 2017It's dry - be wise with water!
18 January 2017Array of work divvied up
11 January 2017Tsunami: know what to do and where to go

December 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
29 December 2016Roadworks minor pause for Santa Clause
26 December 2016Clean, cook, cover, chill
23 December 2016Check the water quality at your swim spot
21 December 2016Freedom camping in Whangarei District
21 December 2016Cars/Beaches/Summer - KNOW THE RULES!
14 December 2016Learn to compost
14 December 2016Water treatment success
7 December 2016Council to audit low-risk food operators
7 December 2016SH1 Russell Road to Kensington Avenue
7 December 2016Volunteers help make Summer Safe

November 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
30 November 2016Te Hiku starts its journey around Northland
30 November 2016Cars/Beaches/Summer - KNOW THE RULES!
30 November 2016Rathbone Street watermain upgrade
30 November 2016Harbour water improving
23 November 2016Keep our tidy Kiwis careful when recycling
23 November 2016Is your land rural?
23 November 2016Re-homed pound dogs are happy dogs
22 November 2016Earthquake a wake up call!
16 November 2016Improvements to open up Laurie Hall Park
16 November 2016Summer season license deadline looms
16 November 2016Asphalt foam train
16 November 2016Speed up your building consent
16 November 2016Towards Zero-Waste?
16 November 2016Whangarei Population Increase the Highest in Over Two Decades
14 November 2016Tsunami warning - beach and marine threat
10 November 20162016/2017 Cadets start
9 November 2016Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant site
9 November 2016Loop jetty upgrade
9 November 2016Lights for hospital intersection
9 November 2016Your new Council
9 November 2016Kensington / Kamo Sealing
2 November 2016Hot line up for fifth Fritter Festival
2 November 2016New Artisans Fair kicks off
2 November 20162016 Rest Home Olympics
2 November 2016Ceremony features several firsts
2 November 2016Scholarship - Kick start your career!
2 November 2016Managing your land rates

October 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
26 October 2016The British & Irish Lions - tickets on sale
26 October 2016Scholarship - Kick start your career!
19 October 2016Call for volunteers to help make Summer Safe
19 October 2016Access change protects Ruakaka Beach-goers
19 October 2016Hatea boaties asked to watch for dredge
19 October 2016Library spreads Save Kiwi Month message
12 October 2016Potters Exhibition brings art to city heart
12 October 2016Invitation to Swearing In Ceremony
12 October 2016Kamo drivers warned of road works
5 October 2016Last few days for voting
5 October 2016CityLink buses get the accessibility once-over
5 October 2016Fun times promote harbour health

September 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
28 September 2016Rural votes can go in the letter box
28 September 2016Northland Transportation Alliance Manager appointed
28 September 2016EnviroPods doing a great job with rubbish
28 September 2016Crematorium to be refurbished
28 September 2016Ageism gets day of focus
28 September 2016Lots of off-leash dog fun on offer
21 September 2016Robot and bus team up to attract votes
21 September 2016Amourguard steps into role
21 September 2016Safety barriers for transfer station
15 September 2016Stuart Road Pontoon repairs
14 September 2016Clean up week
14 September 2016New Zealand Lions Series 2017 taiaha
14 September 2016Global Actions Sports Show Nitro Circus Live coming to Whangarei
14 September 2016Northland Tsunami Siren Network Testing Late September
7 September 2016Re-homing new way
7 September 2016Dredging for Better Loop Experience
7 September 2016Call for Endless Summer Festival Events

August 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
31 August 2016Winning sculpture finds place to Nest
31 August 2016Graduating cadets
31 August 2016Electric Bike Winner
31 August 2016First official pocket park under way
24 August 2016Rama Road four wheel drive access opens, racecourse four wheel drive access closes
17 August 2016Civic Honours Award Ceremony 2016
17 August 2016Considering Footpaths
10 August 2016Opening of the Onerahi Walkway
10 August 2016Clapham's Renovations
10 August 2016Hikurangi leaky sewer system overhaul
3 August 2016Celebrating the Waipu Cycleway
3 August 2016Plan Changes notified for Public Submissions

July 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
27 July 2016Community engagement lifts WAM’s visitor numbers
27 July 2016Rural plans to be notified for public comment
20 July 2016Ngati Hau Group prepared for emergency
13 July 2016Northland Local Elections 2016
13 July 2016Public Forum on hold
6 July 2016Blue/Green Network Strategy - Have Your Say!
6 July 2016British and Irish Lions tickets on sale in October
6 July 2016Do you care enough? 2016 Local Elections
6 July 2016Hot diggity dog registration...

June 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
29 June 2016Annual Plan 2016-2017 adoption
29 June 2016Summer Safe nominated for award finalist
29 June 2016Proposed changes to Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw for Bream Bay
29 June 2016Rates Rebates letters going out
22 June 2016Several walking tracks receiving upgrades
22 June 2016PAAG supports elder abuse awareness in purple
22 June 2016EnviroPods
22 June 2016Returning mudfish (and others) to the floodplain
17 June 2016Hunt Street water main
15 June 2016Whangarei Community Satisfaction
15 June 2016New Contractor for Service
15 June 2016Mangakahia prepared for emergency
15 June 2016Matariki Whanau Festival
8 June 2016One year to go to New Zealand Lions Series 2017
8 June 2016Parking restrictions in Laneway
8 June 2016Light up the Laneway
8 June 2016No more A++ look for the traffic light
8 June 2016Matariki Festival Events
8 June 2016Waitaua Awa Restoration Project
1 June 2016Youth race to give back
1 June 2016Urban design in the heart of our City

May 2016

Date PublishedNews Title
30 May 2016Northland leading the way with Transportation Alliance establishment
25 May 2016Council seeks declaration on acid soil
25 May 2016Beautify our district with free native plants
25 May 2016McLeod's Bay rocks
25 May 2016Kensington Parking - be a good sport
25 May 2016Community Funding fun
17 May 2016Anti-slip coating on parts of Hatea Loop walkway
17 May 2016Sewer line improvements
17 May 2016End to Riverside Drive work in sight
10 May 2016Designating land for new treatment plant
10 May 2016Jewel of the City inspires community
3 May 2016Whanga-race celebrates Youth Week
3 May 2016School Crossings - Safeguarding our Children
3 May 2016New Regulations on Asbestos


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