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Latest News

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This section contains links to latest news published by Council.
Updated: 13/12/2019 10:33 a.m.

This page displays our recent news stories, which were accurate at the time they were published on this site. 

Previous stories may contain information and/or contacts that may no longer be current. 

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The table below displays our news stories for the last 12 months. 


June 2020

Date PublishedNews Title
4 June 2020Young Hughie's great dam assignment
4 June 2020Last chance for 2019-20 Rates Rebate

May 2020

Date PublishedNews Title
27 May 2020Smokefree Parihaka – Auahi Kore Parihaka
18 May 2020Public asked to comment on proposed rates and recovery package
13 May 2020Love it Here - Love it Local
13 May 2020Council Proposes $3m COVID-19 Relief
6 May 2020Librarians out to spread the Save Water message
6 May 2020Roadworks Resume under Level 3
2 May 2020Annual Plan 2020-21 Consultation

April 2020

Date PublishedNews Title
29 April 2020Freedom Camping sites are Closed during Alert Level 3
29 April 2020Saving Water under Level 3 Restrictions
29 April 2020Council Staff redeployed during Lockdown
24 April 2020Major award win for Whangarei’s central city revitalisation plan
22 April 2020Rates Instalment Invoices Sent
22 April 2020Ups and Downs of Working in Lockdown
22 April 2020Life under Level 3 Water Restrictions
15 April 2020Wash your Hands at all Water Restriction Levels
14 April 2020Library Services keep Community Connected
14 April 2020Level 3 Water Restrictions come in to Force
9 April 2020​Council announces 10 Point Economic Recovery Response
8 April 2020Flush Toilet Paper - not Wet Wipes
8 April 2020Drought Continues - Whau Valley Dam at 50% capacity
8 April 2020Rates - what will we do after lockdown?
1 April 2020Managing now while Planning for the Future
1 April 2020Town Basin Playground to be upgraded after Lock-down
1 April 2020Festival of Motorsports called off for 2020

March 2020

Date PublishedNews Title
20 March 2020​Covid-19 Pandemic advice from Council
18 March 2020Gravel Roads need Water before they can be Graded
11 March 2020Freedom Camping Ambassador Programme wraps up
11 March 2020Council Rubbish Bags are a New Colour
11 March 2020Roadworks begin on Mill Road
11 March 2020Race Relations Forum for Whangarei
10 March 2020We're Recycling Wastewater for Trees and Fields
4 March 2020Hatea River Sewer Crossing Replacement
4 March 2020Water Saving means Working Together

February 2020

Date PublishedNews Title
27 February 2020Increase in Civic Centre Project Scope
19 February 2020Drought is affecting gravel roads
14 February 2020Reduce Water Use to Delay Restrictions
12 February 2020Parks Step Up their Water Savings
5 February 2020Inner-city Car Parking Changes

January 2020

Date PublishedNews Title
29 January 2020Summer Safe Carpark Ambassadors Enjoying the Job
29 January 2020Proud to be a young local
29 January 2020Council Manager on Rugby World Cup 2021 Committee
15 January 2020Funding Announced as Town Basin prepares for Visitor Influx
15 January 2020Seat Belt Signs
8 January 2020Infrastructure boost for the Quarry Gardens

December 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
18 December 2019Northport Strategy
11 December 2019New Friendship Benches Invite People to Chat
11 December 2019Enhanced Responsible Freedom Camping Ambassador Programme Begins
3 December 2019Woodhill Wastewater Inspection this Summer
3 December 2019Grant Williams Sculpture planned for new Town Basin Park

November 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
27 November 2019Millennium Copthorne Hotel announced for Dent Street
27 November 2019Rest Home Olympics 2019
20 November 2019Kiwi Safe, Water Clean at Whau Valley Dam
20 November 2019Pool Fence Compliance is Improving
13 November 2019Pohe Island Carpark Open
13 November 2019Abbey Caves Forest Fire Contained
5 November 2019Whangarei Facts from the 2018 Census

October 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
30 October 2019Population: Growing Fast
23 October 2019New bins first step in Matapouri Improvement
23 October 2019A great Team of Council Cadets
23 October 2019Blue Bins arriving in November 2019
16 October 2019Partnership Funding - Waipu Croquet
16 October 2019Kyle presents at Council
16 October 2019Artisans and Night Markets Moving
16 October 2019Hopes are strong for repairs to building
9 October 2019Partnership Funding - Marae for Taiharuru
9 October 2019Hikurangi Floodplain planting
9 October 2019Library celebrates International Day of Older People
9 October 2019Helipad Safety Movements
2 October 2019Funding comes through for Time Machine
2 October 2019More Vine St Parking
2 October 2019Northlanders reap benefits of inspirational Kai Ora Fund
2 October 2019Do Not stop a vehicle on Yellow Cross-Hatching

September 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
25 September 2019Funds Help Community Groups
25 September 2019Keep New Zealand Beautiful Clean Up Day
25 September 2019Bascule Park and Carpark open now
25 September 2019Kamo Shared Path: Stage 3 is Open
19 September 2019The Great Blue Crate Experiment
19 September 2019New Town Basin Park Water Feature
11 September 2019Bascule Park Sculpture Intrepid Journey
11 September 2019New Friends of Maunu Cemetery Group

August 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
21 August 2019New Town Basin Park - Opening in 2020

July 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
26 July 2019Whangarei declares climate emergency
24 July 2019Urban Plan Changes - Check your property
24 July 2019Matariki Festival a 91% waste diversion
24 July 2019Matapouri improvement funding celebrated
17 July 2019Work continues at Porowini/Maunu
10 July 2019What happens to plastic in our District?
3 July 2019Plan for city core unfolds
3 July 2019The great drinking fountain hunt

June 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
26 June 2019LED lights saving power
19 June 2019Review of Speed Limit Bylaw
12 June 2019All bets are off - new location for TAB
12 June 2019Trust established to lead resource recovery centre efforts
12 June 2019Matariki Festival June - July


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