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Public Notices

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This section contains all public notices from Whangarei District Council published in any of the local newspapers.
Updated: 5/03/2015 1:34 p.m.

For information about all Council meetings and events, please follow the link below.

Meeting and Events

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Date PublishedTitle
24 May 2017Notice of Meetings - June 2017
10 May 2017Resource Consent Jubatus Holdings Limited
10 May 2017Final rates instalment notice for 2016/2017
4 May 2017Temporary Road Closure - Porowini Avenue (West)
26 April 2017Resource Consent Herbert
26 April 2017Resource Consent Belcher and McGregor
19 April 2017Notice of Meetings - May 2017
5 April 2017Notification of consultation on Statements of Proposal for Proposed Fees and Charges
5 April 2017Proposed road closure - ANZAC Day Dawn Parade
5 April 2017Proposed Road Closure - Rev Up Whangarei
5 April 2017Hukurenui Cemetery Board Appointments
22 March 2017Resource Consent Hickey
22 March 2017Notification of Amendment to the District Plan
22 March 2017Proposed road closure - Late Lunch
22 March 2017Proposed road closure - DHL New Zealand Lions Series 2017
22 March 2017Notification of decision on plan change
22 March 2017Notice of Meetings - April 2017
15 March 2017Proposal to close public access to Parihaka Forest Reserve during logging
8 March 2017Council Briefing
1 March 2017Proposed Road Closure - Rally 2017
22 February 2017Notice of Meetings - March 2017
22 February 2017Jerome Dominic Luiten Resource Consent
22 February 2017Notification of Summary of Submissions
15 February 2017Community Fund open
8 February 2017Managing your land rates
1 February 2017Council Briefing
1 February 2017Community Fund now open
25 January 2017Proposal to close public access to Parihaka Forest Reserve during logging
25 January 2017Funding for the arts
18 January 2017Call for committee members
18 January 2017Notice of Meetings - February 2017
18 January 2017Funding for the arts
11 January 2017Resource Consent Kerry Whitehouse
11 January 2017Reminder to flush plumbing fittings
10 January 2017Prohibited Fire Season
21 December 2016Restricted Fire Season
7 December 2016Notice of Council Briefing 13 December and Meeting 15 December
7 December 2016Call for committee members
7 December 2016Te Matau a Pohe Bridge work - Friday 9 December
30 November 2016Notification of Plan Change 113 - Operative Date
30 November 2016Notice of Council Meeting - 15 December 2016
23 November 2016Street Appeal 2017
23 November 2016Temporary road closure - Kamo Christmas Parade
16 November 2016Notice of Meeting - 24 November 2016
9 November 2016Resource Consent Jean C Sanders
9 November 2016Temporary Road Closure - Northland Car Club
9 November 2016Notice of Meeting - Plan Change 94B
9 November 2016Proposed Road Closures - Kamo Christmas Parade
19 October 2016Resource Consent Jock Palmer
19 October 2016Amendments to the Control of Vehicles on Beaches Bylaw 2009
12 October 2016Notice of Meeting - 25 October 2016
12 October 2016Weed spraying
5 October 2016Resource Consent Williamson
5 October 2016Sabina Nicolette Rochford and Andrew Peter Rochford
5 October 2016Temporary Road Closure - Northland Car Club
28 September 2016DEYI Investment Limited
28 September 2016Notice of road stopped
21 September 2016Notification of Decision on Plan Change 131
21 September 2016Notification of Plan Change 124 - Built Heritage Operative Date
14 September 2016Notice of Council Meeting
14 September 2016Amended Notice of Day of Election Invalid Nomination
31 August 2016Notice of Meetings
31 August 2016Temporary Road Closure - Northland Car Club
24 August 2016Notice of Extra-ordinary Council Meetings
23 August 2016Proposed Plan Change 94B Papakainga
10 August 2016Resource Consent Alastair Robertson
3 August 2016Notice of Meetings - August 2016
27 July 2016Rates - First Instalment
20 July 2016Weed spraying
20 July 2016Notice of intention to stop road
20 July 2016Proposed Road Closure - Northland Car Club
20 July 2016Notification of decision on plan change
13 July 2016Funding for the arts - Round 1
6 July 2016Funding for the arts
29 June 2016Temporary Road Closure - Northland Car Club
29 June 2016 Notice of Meetings - July 2016
8 June 2016Resource Consent Christian Education Trust
1 June 2016Dog Management
17 May 2016Resource Consent Application - Lopez Ltd
17 May 2016Rating Information Database
17 May 2016Rates Reminder - Instalment Due
10 May 2016Resource Consent Water Treatment Plant
10 May 2016Resource Consent Kohenui Farms Ltd
10 May 2016Notice of Extra-ordinary Council Meeting - 11 May 2016
19 April 2016Resource Consent Application - NZTA (Tarewa Road)
22 February 2016Open Fire Season 2016
12 January 2016Resource Consent Application Saleyards Investments Ltd
11 January 2016Forum North Childcare - Resource Consent Application
8 June 2015Declaration of result of referendum: Old Harbour Board Building
3 March 2015P & A Roberts - Application Resource Consent
13 January 2015Proposed Plan Change 130 - Notification of Decision
18 February 2014Resource Consent Application - Coote



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