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Temporary Road Closure - May 2018 - Rally NZ

This page contains information about the temporary road closures of various roads in May for the purpose of the Rally of Whangarei.
Updated: 1/05/2018 4:10 p.m.

Notice is given that for the purpose of 2018 ENEOS International Rally of Whangarei, organised by Rally NZ, Council will close the following roads to ordinary traffic and pedestrians temporarily on Wednesday

2 May 2018


  • Hosking Road from Paparoa Oakleigh Road to Walker Road

Period of closure: 8am – 5pm

Friday 4 May 2018

Ceremonial Opening

  • Dave Culham Drive from Port Road to Riverside Drive

Period of closure: 4pm – 11pm

Saturday 5 May

Special Stages (SS)

  • SS 3 and 7 RIPONUI
  • Otaikarangi Road from Swamp Road to Riponui Road
  • Riponui Road from Otaikarangi Road to Crows Nest Road
  • Crows Nest Road from Riponui to Paiaka Road
  • Paiaka Road to the District Boundary

Period of closure: 6am – 10am and 12pm – 4pm

  • SS 6 & 10 HELENA
  • Webb Road from the end of the tarmac (Helena Bay) to Kaiikanui Road
  • Kaiikanui Road from Webb Road to Pigs Head Road
  • Pigs Head Road from Kaiikanui Road for approximately 500 metres

Period of closure: 9.45am – 1.45pm and 3.45pm – 7.15pm

Sunday 6 May 2018

  • SS 11 and 15 WAIPU CAVES
  • Waipu Caves Road from Shoemakers Road to Mangapai Caves Road
  • Mangapai Caves Road from Waipu Caves Road to Graham Road
  • Graham Road from Mangapai Caves Road to Ruarangi Road
  • Ruarangi Road from Graham Road to Mangapai Road

Period of closure: 6.30am – 2.30pm

  • SS 12 and 16 MILLBROOK
  • Millbrook Road from Walters Road to the District Boundary

Period of closure: 7.15am – 3pm

  • SS 13 and 17 WAIOTIRA
  • Waikiekie North Road from Paparoa Road to Walker Road
  • Walker Road from Waikiekie North Road to Hosking Road
  • Hosking Road from Walker Road to Neville Road
  • Neville Road from Hosking Road to Taipuna Road
  • Taipuna Road from Neville Road to Hartnell Road
  • Hartnell Road from Taipuna Road to Awarua Road
  • Awarua Road to Waiotira

Period of closure: 7:30am – 3.30pm

  • SS 14 and 18 TANGIHUA
  • Bint Road from Porter Road to Tangihua Road
  • Tangihua Road from Bint Road to Codlin Road
  • Codlin Road from Tangihua Road to Otuhi Road
  • Otuhi Road from Codlin Road to Weke Road

Period of closure: 8.15am – 4pm

Side roads, off the roads to be closed, will also be temporarily closed for a distance of up to 100 metres from the intersections for safety purposes.

Emergency services may use the closed road, and residents may use the closed road by arrangement only with the organiser – Rally NZ phone 09 276 0882 or email

Any enquiries should be addressed to Whangarei District Council, Private Bag 9023, Whangarei 0148. 



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