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GBC Winstone - Resource Consent Application

This page contains information for a resource consent application by GBC Winstone.
Updated: 6/06/2018 1:27 p.m.

Whangarei District Council has received the following application for resource consent.

Application By:

Council Refs:



GBC Winstone

Subject Site:

  Quarry Road, Otaika

Address for Service:

GBC Winstone
PO Box 17195
Auckland 1546
Att: Ian Wallace

Description of Application:

Land Use Consent to place overburden from existing Otaika Quarry onto adjoining land zoned countryside environment and partially within mineral extraction area, as defined in Operative Whangarei District Plan. The proposal requires consent as a Discretionary Activity.

**UPDATE** - Please find in the 'Additional Information' folder below, a memorandum from GBC Winstone's Lawyer in relation to their Resource Consent Application at Otaika Quarry, requesting that the application be suspended.

Section 91A of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) allows an applicant to request that the processing of their application be suspended.  A Consent Authority must suspend the processing of the application when such a request is made.

As such, the Resource Consent application by GBC Winstone (LU1700100) is suspended.

This page will be updated when the suspension ends (the RMA allows for a maximum of 130 working days) along with details of the hearing.

Please note that additional information has been provided by the applicant in respect of Air Quality Effect and Geotechnical/Dust matters and is also available in the 'Additional Information' folder below.

***Further Update*** – Suspension has been lifted and hearing date commencing  Monday 16 April 2018. Please refer to Commissioner’s direction #4 , included in ‘Additional Information’ folder below.

***Hearings Commissioner Report***
Available to view in the 's42A Report' folder below.

Rob Forlong




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