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Jerome Dominic Luiten - Resource Consent Application

This page contains information for a resource consent application by Jerome Dominic Luiten.
Updated: 10/05/2018 12:59 p.m.

Whangarei District Council has received the following application for resource consent.

Application By:

Council Refs:

SD1500115 P123852


Jerome Dominic Luiten

Subject Site:

  561 State Highway 1 Kamo 0185 (Lot 2 DP 419817)

Address for Service:

Hewson Planning Limited 25 Corbett Road RD 2 Hikurangi   0182
Attn: Jason Hewson
Ref: 682

Description of Application:

The proposal is to subdivide the existing 3.2083 ha property located at 561 State Highway 1, RD1 Kauri (being Lot 2 DP 419817) into three lots being: Lot 1 (1.76 ha); Lot 2 (0.87 ha (0.69 ha of net site area)); and Lot 3 (0.61 ha). The site is located in the Countryside Environment under the Operative District Plan (with no Resource Area notations) and is identified as being within the Rural Production Environment under Plan Change 85A. The site is (in part) within the Proposed Fonterra Noise Control Area. The average net site area of the lots proposed by this subdivision is 1.02 ha, therefore less than the 4-ha average net site area provision provided for as a discretionary activity under rule 73.3.1 Allotment Area of the Countryside Environment provisions the Operative District Plan. The proposal is therefore assessed to be a Non-Complying Activity.

Rob Forlong


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