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Yellow barriers stop falls

This page contains information about safety barriers that have been installed at transfer stations to prevent people from falling into bins.
Updated: 5/04/2017 12:00 a.m.

​Bright yellow safety barriers have been installed at the waste transfer stations to prevent people from falling into bins when dumping rubbish. 

In each of these transfer stations the bins are set on a ramp below the tipping point, with their open tops level with the ground. 

This makes it easier for members of the public to drive up to the tipping point and throw material down into the bins. 

Infrastructure Committee Chairman Councillor Greg Martin said reports that people have occasionally fallen into the bins at transfer stations in other parts of New Zealand prompted Whangarei's decision to install the barriers.    

"It is Council’s responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act to prevent injuries and minimise risks for people’s health and safety, so barriers have been installed at Whangarei district's Kokupu, Tauraroa, Hikurangi and Ngunguru transfer stations.

"Operators of waste facilities around the country have had to take similar steps."

Councillor Martin said when a single barrier system was initially installed at Kokopu transfer station Council staff discovered people standing on their trailers when unloading material were still at a risk of falling, so double barriers have been installed. 

"The aim is for the height of the barriers to be adjustable so that people can avoid falling and back strain." 



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