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Seat Belt Signs

This page contains a news story about new Seat Belt safety signs being installed in Whangarei.
Updated: 16/01/2020 1:05 p.m.
Seat Belt Signs installed in Whangarei.
​Seat Belt Signs installed in Whangarei.

Wear your seat belt is the focus for 2020's Whangarei District / Northland Transport Alliance Road Safety Promotion Programme for the 2020 funding year.

Roadsafe programme manager Gillian Archer said 12 new signs have gone up at strategic locations in the Whangarei District, reminding people to wear their seat belts.

"This is the start of a staged project where we expect to install seat belt reminders at the exit to all large carparks in our District. We will be relying on the goodwill of owners of privately owned carparks to undertake this project."

The $5000 project is funded through the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Road Safety Promotion scheme that covers 53% of the costs, with the rest covered by Council.

Mrs Archer said the project was (to the best of her knowledge) a first for our District.

"I spend much of my annual leave travelling New Zealand in our motorhome and have not seen anything like this elsewhere in New Zealand nor in internet searches overseas, nor over the years on overseas travel."

Mrs Archer said it was vital for seat belt use to increase in Northland.

"Northland is the worst region in New Zealand when it comes to wearing seat belts. Police data shows that 40% of the road deaths in 2018 and 2019 were of crash victims who were not wearing seat belts.

"I urge people to keep an eye out this summer for signs going up at carparks reminding everyone in a car to wear their seat belt to avoid becoming a very sad statistic."



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