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Rates - Who should pay what share?

This page contains information about a major review of the way property owners’ shares of Council’s $88 million annual rate take are calculated. 
Updated: 12/04/2017 9:54 a.m.

Whangarei District Council met last week and yesterday to discuss a major review of the way property owners’ shares of Council’s $88 million annual rate take are calculated. 

WDC Corporate General Manager Alan Adcock emphasised that the review is not about increases or decreases in the total rates collected.

“It has nothing to do with how much rates income we get, it is a review of how different parts of our community pay pieces of the rates income. 

“It is a response to the need to keep up to date, to regularly review whether we are being as fair and efficient as possible.

“The rating system is very complicated and it would be fair to say we are looking for the “least imperfect” system rather than the perfect one. We will be considering the equity, affordability, simplicity, transparency,  stability, adequacy, comparability and efficiency of our system. 

“Generally, it is recommended that councils review their rating policies every three years. That allows time for any changes from the previous review to bed-in and for positive or negative effects to be assessed.  

The rating review will cover:

  • General Rates (including the use of Land Value versus Capital Value) 
  • The use and definition of Separately Used or Inhabited Part of a rating unit 
  • Stepped Rates 
  • Sector Splits 
  • Targeted Rates 
  • Remission and Postponement Policies 

We will be gathering your views and suggestions for improvement over the next month or so.  

Public meetings will be held on:

Monday 1 May - Forum North, 6pm

Tuesday 2 May - Kamo Bowling Club, 6pm

Thursday 4 May - Onerahi Bowling Club, 6pm

Tuesday 9 May - Ruakaka Recreation Centre, 6pm

People can also look at our briefing papers on our website or at libraries and customer service centres in Forum North and our Ruakaka office. 

The way in which we structure our rates effects every ratepayer, so it’s important to find out as much as we can about what people think works with the current system and any suggested changes that could be made. 

If elected members decide changes should be made to the rating system, this will be formally consulted on as part of the 2018-28 Long Term Plan consultation next year.  

Any change in rating policy that moves a dollar of the rates burden from one ratepayer must see it collected from another. 



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