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Kamo shared path update

This page contains information about an update on the Kamo share pathway. 
Updated: 23/01/2018 4:41 p.m.

​For safety’s sake, Whangarei cyclists, runners and walkers champing at the bit to use completed sections of the Kamo Shared Path will have to wait just a bit longer. 

“The section of the path from Rust Avenue up to Cross Street is looking really good and people want to use it. KiwiRail expects work on its new level crossing near Whangarei Primary School to be done in May,” said senior roading engineer Nick Marshall. 

“We want this path to be a success from the very first day, so making sure the crossing is perfect before we open it up is very important. 

“Initially we were keen to get a temporary crossing permit, but nothing would compensate for opening it now and someone getting hurt because the crossing is incomplete. So, we have targeted an opening date for Stage 1 (Rust Ave to Cross St, including Manse St) in mid-May.

“In the meantime, it is great to see our community getting so committed to alternative transport routes that are so much better for health, safety and building community relationships.  I know this opening, will be one of our most celebrated so far.”  

Here is an update on the programme's several stages:

Stage 1 - Rust Avenue to Cross Street 

The civil engineering work is 95 percent complete. Fencing at the Whangarei Club will be completed by the end of January. Railway signalling will be done by the KiwiRail contractor late in March and planting will be done in autumn plus winter.

Stage 2 - Cross Street to Kamo Road 

Clearing the route along the eastern side of the railway line has begun. The Cross Street to Wrack Street section should be completed by June 2018 and the Wrack Street to Kamo Road section will start in July 2018.

Stage 3 - Kamo Road to Jack Street 

The design is done and has been sent to KiwiRail for feedback. Physical work will be done late this year into early 2019. 

Stage 4 - Adams Place to Fisher Terrace 

The design is almost complete, the preliminary design of the underpass has been done and sent to KiwiRail for feedback. Construction likely to take place during Labour weekend this year. 

Stage 5 - Fisher Terrace to Kamo village 

The design of the future extension is being scoped out now. 



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