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Gripping Pavers

This page contains information about several different treatments that were tested to increase the grip of the pavers in the Cameron Street Mall.
Updated: 19/04/2017 8:15 a.m.

​The recent spate of wet weather has been notable in Whangarei, not for catastrophic floods, but for a sudden end to reports of slips in Cameron Street Mall. 

Two years ago there had been a number of slips and injuries caused by the slipperiness of the pavers in the Mall. 

Investigations revealed most of the pavers at 18 sites around the Mall were falling below the NZ Slip Standard AS/NZS 4586 that requires surfaces to have a slip co-efficient of 0.4 or higher. 

Several different treatments were tested to increase the grip of the pavers, and the final solution arrived at by Council’s Waste and Drainage and Roading teams, involved hiring contractors to sandblast the Mall’s pavers early in 2015. 

To ensure the pavers were still reaching the required grip, the 18 spots were tested again this month, and all bar one have come back with grip resistance well above the required standard. 

While there have been no complaints to Council about falls or slips caused by the pavers since the work was done, we do want to hear about any slippery patches. Phone 09 430 4200 to report them and we will have them tested and, if necessary, treated. 



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