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Notification of future changes to our Development Contributions Policy

This page notifies the public of our intention to change our Development Contributions Policy in line with changes to the Local Government Act.
Updated: 28/11/2014 3:50 p.m.

​Continuing growth in the district places financial demands on Council to provide new, or upgrade existing, public infrastructure e.g. reserves, roads, wastewater and water reticulation.

We recover part of these costs by collecting development contributions (DCs) from those who undertake development projects. This ensures that those creating the need for additional infrastructure pay a fair share of the costs, and that existing ratepayers do not fund a disproportionate share.

Recent changes to the Local Government Act require Council to review and update our policy to meet new requirements around the:

  • purpose and principles provisions
  • new definitions of  community infrastructure
  • inability to charge non residential development for reserves contributions

Council is notifying the public of our review of the policy and plans to issue a draft policy for consultation early next year.

We review our DCs policy on a three yearly cycle in conjunction with the creation of our Long Term Plan.

Council will be publishing its draft Development Contributions Policy and draft Long Term Plan for consultation in March 2015.


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