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Latest News

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This section contains links to latest news published by Council.
Updated: 4/12/2018 2:20 p.m.

This page displays our recent news stories, which were accurate at the time they were published on this site. Previous stories may contain information and/or contacts that may no longer be current. 

Maori news

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The table below displays our news stories for the last 12 months. 


February 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
13 February 2019Parua Bay compactor installed
13 February 2019Future-proofing our drinking water system
6 February 2019Maunu Cemetery Open Day
6 February 2019Mackesy bush walking track upgrades
6 February 2019Robots go underground at Hikurangi

January 2019

Date PublishedNews Title
30 January 2019Christmas Underpass
30 January 2019Dog Park closing for work
23 January 2019Street Prints Manaia is here!
16 January 2019Twenty artists, twenty walls for transformation
16 January 2019Thumbs up for responsible camper cards
14 January 2019New rating valuations released
9 January 2019Laurie Hall Park upgrade
9 January 2019Celebrate summer - Whakanui i a raumati

December 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
19 December 2018Advisors thanked for good work – and new members welcome
19 December 2018Jump starter for heart
19 December 2018Beloved childhood property becomes brand new Pickmere Park
12 December 2018Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Phytopthora sp
12 December 2018Tarewa/SH1 intersection changing
12 December 2018Freedom camping - time for tough love
12 December 2018Whangarei District Love It Here - Teeshirts for Christmas
5 December 2018Be a happy parker - plan ahead
5 December 2018Tarewa Road and Porowini Avenue - Work to finish in February 2019
5 December 2018Summer a Time to Reflect - Youth Space
5 December 2018Use Common Sense Swimming after Rain

November 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
28 November 2018Wright Road to be fully sealed by April
28 November 2018Little Lilliput Library delights borrowers
28 November 2018Temporary pools must have fences too
21 November 2018Summer Safe to start up
21 November 2018Vodafone Warriors to face Tigers in Whangarei trials
21 November 2018Youth Space - Nurse Leah Bennett
21 November 2018Projects great success - harbour water is clean
14 November 2018Conserve water
14 November 2018Be kind - donate a blanket
14 November 2018Valuation trends - Market commentary
14 November 2018An exciting year for Jackson Moetara
7 November 2018Kamo Shared Path update
7 November 2018Whangarei Youth Space - Come and join in the fun
7 November 2018Civic Centre underway

October 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
31 October 2018District valuation due by Christmas
31 October 2018​Bascule carpark upgrade
31 October 2018Easter Sunday trading - Make your opinions known
24 October 2018More funding for a vibrant, thriving Whangarei
17 October 2018Time for our Annual Report card
17 October 2018Endless Summer 2019 Event Registration
10 October 2018Whangarei city tsunami readiness improves
10 October 2018Improvements at Otuihau
10 October 2018Adopt before you dog shop
10 October 2018Our cadets graduated
10 October 2018Working with communities to achieve their own goals
10 October 2018Summer fun already booking up
8 October 2018Summer is coming - Keep your pool fence up to code
3 October 2018Long, dry summer days, perfect for roadworks

September 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
19 September 2018Kamo Shared Path - Update
19 September 2018Council teams help with Keep NZ Beautiful clean up
11 September 2018Stories of place inspire design
5 September 2018Swimming pool reminder
5 September 2018Civic Honours Award Ceremony 2018

August 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
29 August 2018Alcohol Control Bylaw Review
29 August 2018District revaluation under way
22 August 2018Online and on phone differ
22 August 2018Porowini/Tarewa intersection works to begin
8 August 2018New Zealand Transport Agency and Council to improve city intersections
8 August 2018Active Recreation Strategy
8 August 2018Representation Review Update
8 August 2018Parihaka Track Upgrades
8 August 2018Kicking off the Endless Summer Festival

July 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
25 July 2018Installation of heating appliances
25 July 2018Fight the plastic – use mPark instead
25 July 2018Fresh look for Botanica Fernery
18 July 2018Plastic free July
18 July 2018Gully trap inspections - Hikurangi
18 July 2018New cemetery services on offer
18 July 2018Easy Choice to feed Kiwi families for $60
11 July 2018New tsunami information boards for Whangārei coast
11 July 2018Dali mural
11 July 2018Hot diggity dog registration!
4 July 2018Towards plastic free July
4 July 2018Waiting for dry weather
4 July 2018District weathers storm
4 July 2018Average 3.7 percent rates rise

June 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
27 June 2018New space for Otangarei playground
27 June 2018Hatea River water quality survey results
27 June 2018Plan to restore sand on Matapouri foreshore
20 June 2018New indoor tsunami sirens added to Northland alerting options
6 June 2018Representation Review
6 June 2018Menacing dogs?
1 June 2018Progress on Plans for Water Treatment Plant

May 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
30 May 2018Pool letters going out
30 May 2018Kamo shared path takes important steps
30 May 2018Autumn brings rat problem
30 May 2018Protecting ancient, living giants
23 May 2018Funding for fun from bugs to sign language
23 May 2018Award an honour to bestow
18 May 2018New railway crossings May 2018
16 May 2018Look after the bacteria that looks after you
16 May 2018Volunteers make another summer safe
16 May 2018What do you think of Council’s services?
9 May 2018Whangarei cafés' fresh air success
9 May 2018Working for our award winning District

April 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
23 April 2018Please check your pool fence is safe
20 April 2018Council reveals fresh brand ideas
18 April 2018​Parihaka scores another green flag award
18 April 2018Residents and visitors to enjoy 3 cultural festivals
18 April 2018Sculpture symposium winner
11 April 2018Leading the Charge Road Trip of EVs
4 April 2018LTP 2018-28 - 4 Days to Go - We Want to Hear from You
4 April 2018Award Winning Planning Reaches High Bar
4 April 2018Work Begins on Camera Obscura Site

March 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
28 March 2018Green award for Parihaka and Maunu Cemetery
21 March 2018Out of chaos comes art at Hihiaua
21 March 2018Key elements of our draft Long Term Plan
14 March 2018Work to improve Otuihau catchment
14 March 2018What are we proposing in our Long Term Plan 2018-28?
12 March 2018LTP - Our 10-year budget
7 March 2018Hikurangi has a new bounce in its step

February 2018

Date PublishedNews Title
28 February 2018LTP 2018-2028 documents adopted for consultation
28 February 2018War Memorial field of remembrance
28 February 2018Tactical urbanism spells FUN
28 February 2018Marsden City Infrastructure Being Assessed
28 February 2018Whau Valley Harvest Starts in March
28 February 2018Safety Surface Renewed


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