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Blue Bins arriving in November 2019

This page contains a news story about the new Blue Bins for glass recycling which arrive at households in November 2019.
Updated: 20/12/2019 11:09 a.m.

​From 4 November 2019, blue bins for glass recycling will start being delivered to every household on Council’s kerbside recycling circuit. 

This is the latest step in Council’s bid to have one of the most honest and efficient recycling systems in the country.

Picture of a smiling young man sorting glass recycling from a blue bin.

Same day, same truck, two bins


“We make sure that what we collect in Whangarei really is recycled,” said Council’s Solid Waste Engineer David Lindsay. 

“For a system to have integrity it has to do what it says it does. We only collect recycling that we know can be recycled. To achieve that we take extra special care in the way we do things. 

“In fact, because Whangarei’s glass is so clean, always the right type and is sorted by colour, it is in very high demand by recyclers. 

“Some Councils struggle to achieve this because they are collecting huge amount of mixed up recycling. We are more efficient here because of the hand sorting by our teams, and these bins will make it even easier for us to recycle more.

“The trick to this is to keep the streams of different recycling materials separate from each other, and the most successful way to do this starts with people separating the different types of recycling at home. 

“Our people then do another sort at the kerb, and we have an excellent series of products at the end of the process, said David Lindsay.

“Over the next few weeks we will be explaining more about why this system works better than the “all in together” wheelie bin system, and answer your questions as they come in through our call centre or facebook.” 

When the bins arrive

Take them inside and start using them straight away.

Fill them up with clean, unbroken jars and bottles and then put them out beside the red bin and on your usual rubbish day. 


If you notice one sitting outside your neighbour’s place – take it round the back for them so it doesn’t blow away.

Missing bin

If everyone in your street has a bin by the end of November but yours hasn’t arrived call us on 09 430 4200 – we’ll get one to you or you could pick one up from our custome services centre in Ruakaka or Forum North, Whangarei. 

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