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Zero waste the goal

This page contains information about feedback received from our Have Your Say event that was held on 27 July 2017.
Updated: 7/08/2017 8:55 a.m.

“Make zero-waste the goal” was the message from many people attending a Council “have your say” event about waste management. 

Council held the event to gather public feedback as it reviews its Waste Management and Minimisation Plan in time for any funding and resourcing implications to be considered as part of the District’s Long Term Plan, due for consideration next year. 

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Friday 4 August (this Friday). 

On the agenda was an overview of how solid waste is managed in the District, and where to from here, including whether or not to add green waste recycling at transfer stations, how to manage transfer stations, how to manage the annual holiday surge in rubbish, and whether more changes should be considered. 

Here is a selection from the many ideas put forward by members of the public, people involved in the waste industry on the night: 

  • Promote re-use businesses in Whangarei to reduce how much waste is thrown away
  • Introduce soft plastics recycling – these kinds of plastics are sent to Australia and re-processed into things like bench tops
  • Aim for zero waste. That’s the world view. Auckland has an 80% reduction target
  • Think more about waste cycles, aim to put the waste back into the system rather than just hiding it
  • Think about waste management as an investment in the future, not a cost to minimise today
  • Encourage laws around product stewardship, reduce packaging at the beginning rather than having to dispose of it at the end
  • Processing waste into useable products could create employment
  • Look at a gas producing digester of food waste at the waste water treatment plant
  • Don’t introduce 240 litre recycling bins – they prevent sorting which increases contamination and ruins recyclability 
  • Develop a wood waste reuse system – reduce waste to landfill and generate income too
  • Put pressure on manufacturers to take back their products once ready for disposal
  • Introduce safe disposal of batteries and other hazardous materials
  • Bring in legislation for refunds on recyclables
  • Promote public events to do with zero waste
  • Create an award for keeping communities clean.



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