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Young voices tell us what they want Whangarei to be like in 10 years

This page contains information about the ideas that young people came up with when we spoke to them during Youth Week.
Updated: 14/06/2017 8:27 a.m.

Young people came up with lots of ideas about the future of the District when they spoke to members of Whangarei District Council’s Youth Advisory Group during Youth Week. 

Their comments are been added into the feedback Council is seeking before it embarks on its 2018-28 Long Term Plan next year. Everyone is welcome to provide feedback. The centre spread in this week’s Whangarei leader explains the process and where to go for more information. 

Here’s what the youngsters said: 

  • We need to take care of the environment and the ocean
  • A Language House – where you can speak any language
  • Buses to and from Ngunguru and Whangarei 
  • Game Centre
  • Places to act
  • More Youth spaces
  • A bigger library
  • (Public) transport on weekend 
  • Better driving
  • More aeroplanes
  • Water park or more recreational places
  • More support in my school and schools like my school in need (Charter schools) 
  • Whangarei has potential to be a good city. I would like to see more involvement from every single person to contribute towards building equality, so there will be no more diminishing of people and we can all live productively. Overall there are no changes I would like to see except that we all come together and think about the wellbeing of our future as happy people
  • More recycling
  • More multicultural Whangarei 
  • An amphitheatre
  • More free wifi
  • Free (public) transport for youth 
  • More arts/creative projects – especially for the young
  • Celebrate Northlands youth talent with more regular talent events 
  • I would like to see hungry children supported by the community
  • More education on driving – more sports activities
  • A reptile house 
  • Helping tidying up planet earth
  • A bigger sports stadium
  • More family-friendly outdoor spaces to just hang at – I guess 
  • Music concerts in Whangarei
  • More art shows - a safe city
  • Less rubbish lying around
  • Good concert venue
  • Free kids pass at the Whangarei pools
  • Night markets with entertainment – then I don’t need to go to Auckland night markets
  • Maori performing arts centre – more community murals
  • Expand the youth space beside the Council buildings and improve the theatre facilities – give funding to Youth theatre
  • Hundertwasser
  • Drop overdue fees on kids books (Whangarei Library)
  • More activities for youths and teenagers such as skate parks, gaming arcades, just something new for people between the ages of 14-18 to do. 

“There’s certainly lots to chew over there – why not add your ideas into the mix? Go to and have your say,” said Mayor Sheryl Mai. 

“We want ideas from a really wide group of residents, because we really do want Whangarei to have something for everyone.” 



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