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New Youth Advisory Group members sought

This page contains information about seeking new members for our Youth Advisory Group 2017. Applications open 1 February 2017.
Updated: 1/02/2017 8:41 a.m.

​The group that represents Whangarei District’s young residents and advises Whangarei District Council on ways to cater for youth is looking for 12 new members. 

The WDC Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is seeking inspired and motivated people aged between 15 and 20, from around the District. 

Contenders must be team players who are interested in working with Council to provide a youth perspective, to help make the District a great place for youth to live, earn and learn.

Members of the group bring along young people’s opinions and get to see how the Council works, and make a difference to their community.

The group has been operating since June 2012, and has already made a huge impact on the way young people’s voices are heard by the decision makers at Council.

Application forms and a description of the membership role can be found on our Youth Advisory Group page on our website.

Any questions about the role or what the group does should be directed to Community Services Adviser, Carla Janssen at 

Julian's take on YAG

YAG member Julian Fowler was encouraged by existing members to join the group when vacancies came up last year. 

“At first it was a number of my peers in YAG who made me apply for the group. They encouraged me and gave me details about what the group did. Not only did I see YAG as a great chance to spend time with mates but it also provided me with a platform to contribute real change to the community of Whangarei. Making a positive difference is a passion of mine and YAG gave me the perfect opportunity to do so,” he said.   

“The YAG team is a very diverse yet warm group to be a part of. It is a great chance to expand your circle of friends and to work with passionate and friendly people. There is no better feeling than working alongside driven individuals to make a positive difference to the community we live in. YAG gives us the opportunity to voice our opinion at a Council level. 

“As members of YAG we have a great opportunity to make a difference for youth within Whangarei. We ensure the voice of youth from all backgrounds is heard. Projects such as walkways, skateparks and playgrounds are all examples of initiatives YAG has put forward to the Council. Essentially, members are able to re-engage youth with the community and provide opportunity for youth to further themselves here in Whangarei. 

“I would recommend YAG to each and every young person in the District. It provides a platform for personal growth and the opportunity to further friendships. Above all, YAG provides members with a sense of belonging and value to Whangarei. 

“Anyone who is driven, passionate to make change and is a team player is perfect for a role  with YAG. The group encourages diversity and a mixture in backgrounds so I encourage all to apply for the role.” 

Summer's take on YAG

“I wanted to apply to join YAG because of the leadership opportunities and skills it gave me.

“I wanted to learn how to communicate and the group seemed very well organised and with its promotional poster, newspaper advertisements and stories featuring past members, seemed very professional. 

“I think it's quite special as a youth, to be put in a position where you have some tangible influence on decisions made that affect others. 

“I think that as a YAG member, you represent not only your community's interests but also your own. We all need to have a degree of investment in our surroundings, so you get to have your own personal input, which is valued and usually responded to. 

“However with power comes responsibility, and so I believe that all members have to be dedicated and thoughtful. 

“It's quite exciting to be on YAG, so my advice would be to just apply. Just do it, you have nothing to lose, and you also get paid!"



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