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Working together for a healthy harbour

Nineteen people with significant roles to play in ensuring the water quality in the Whangarei Harbour is protected and improved have been appointed to Whangarei Harbour Catchment Group.
Updated: 14/04/2014 3:25 p.m.
Image of Whangarei Harbour.

​Whangarei Harbour

​The group has been established under the Whangarei Harbour Water Quality Improvement Strategy that Northland Regional Council and Whangarei District Council prepared and adopted at the end of 2012.

The group contains members from dairy farming, commercial fishing, beef and sheep farming, Iwi/Hapu, environmental interests, local councillors, and members of the public who will provide guidance to both Councils on harbour and freshwater issues.

Northland Regional Council's Policy Analyst Ben Tait, said the WHCG was developed in parallel with Government’s development of a number of national of policies around freshwater, including promoting the use of collaborative groups.

Northland Regional Council initiated the Waiora Northland Water programme that involves setting up several community-based groups in priority water catchments including Whangarei Harbour and its contributing catchments, along with terms of reference suitable for each groups needs.

The draft Terms of Reference for the WHCG were confirmed by NRC and WDC in mid 2013. In August 2013, nominations for membership were sought from various primary industry sectors and other groups.

“We called for nominations from the general public to fill places reserved for community members,” said Mr Tait.

“We were seeking a wide range of capabilities, experiences and views. Care was taken to ensure that membership came from across the different catchments that flow into the harbour.”

Mr Tait said the aim had been to represent a range of industry sectors and interests including the marine industry, primary production and environmental sectors.

“Several workshops, a field trip, and a number of meetings have been held to build up the group’s knowledge of different issues that affect the Whangarei Harbour and the catchments that flow into it, and the group’s understanding of the different ways the harbour is used and valued.” 

Members of the group include Adrian Tonks, Andrew Warren, Freya Lunch, Glenn Mortimer, Jack Price, Jeremy Busck, Jon Clotworthy, Juliane Chetham, Kim Jones, Margaret Kay, Mira Norris, Murray Owen, Murray Byles, Neville Erceg, Nicki Wakefield, Dane Karapu, Paul Dunn, Cr David Sinclair (NRC) and Cr Brian Mclachlan (WDC). 

For more information click on the following link. 

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