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Whau Valley main and valve extraction

This page contains a short news story about huge pipe and value replacement as part of the Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant Project.
Updated: 15/09/2020 4:10 p.m.

​We have more than a billion dollars worth of water assets, but it can be hard to imagine what that looks like and how it all adds up. Until you see pictures like this!

This new water-main has been installed between the 1950s water treatment plant at Fairway Drive in Whau Valley, and the new $27M water treatment plant which is being built at 270 Whau Valley Road, closer to the Whau Valley Dam.

Picture of a huge pipe and valve excavated as part of the Whau Valley waterworks.

When the new water treatment plant opens in mid 2021, these pipes will connect it to the two underground reservoirs at Fairway Drive. From there the water will be distributed across Whangarei City and out as far as Whangarei Heads.

The huge 630mm diameter polyethylene water pipeline was installed by local contractor Ventia, formerly known as Broadspectrum, with connection work sub-contracted to The Watertight Company.



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