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Road to close for Whau Valley harvest

This page contains information about public access to Whau Valley Dam that will be temporary closed.
Updated: 16/02/2018 2:58 p.m.

​Public access to Whau Valley Dam will be closed as pine trees on a small piece of Council-owned land beside the dam, are felled next month.

Before the work begins, residents in the area will be contacted by the harvester, according to Council’s Commercial Portfolio Manager Mike Hibbert. 

Felling will begin at 7.30am working days and take between five and six weeks to complete.  A total area of 6.1ha will be harvested, with an expected yield of 3,900 tonnes of wood.

The area will then be replanted in native trees that comply with the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. 

Because of the small size of the area, the logging will be carried out by a bulldozer. A series of tracks will be created in the hillside to allow the trees to be removed. The 700m boundary fence will also be removed and then replaced at the end of the harvest.

A short temporary access road and a loading platform for logging equipment and trucks, will be constructed close to the dam entrance gate. A second loading platform will be constructed close to the carparking area at the top of the dam. These will be removed and the land will be re-grassed once the logging is completed.

We are working closely with our contractors and our water services team to ensure that there are no risks to the water quality in the dam as a result of the harvest. 

Because the dam is a popular scenic site, a thorough post-harvest clean-up will take place to remove any leftover wood and debris once the logging is complete.



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