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Progress on Plans for Water Treatment Plant

Progress continues on plans to develop a new $18.3 million water treatment plant on a new site on Whau Valley Road.
Updated: 16/07/2018 2:38 p.m.
Photograph of existing Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant.

​Existing water treatment plant on
Whau Valley Road and Fairway Drive.

The investigation has been completed, the best option selected, the land has been secured, now the detailed design for the construction of a new water treatment plant located at 274 Whau Valley Road (approximately 700m down from the existing plant) is currently underway.

The move follows studies taken undertaken in 2014 to decide between upgrading the aging treatment plant on the corner of Whau Valley Road and Fairway Drive, or whether to rebuild to ensure ongoing secure drinking water for the district.

The existing plant has been providing water to Whangarei for more than 60 years. Over time it has been adapted to meet rising water quality standards, and it now processes much more water than it did when it was new.

But its age, location within a built up residential area, the growth in the District, advances in water treatment processes, and most recently higher earthquake standards have all combined to make it a more sustainable long term option to build a new plant than to upgrade the existing one.

“After considering a number of options, Council decided in 2015 to build a new $23.9 million plant on a new site on Whau Valley Road. It will produce 22,000 cubic metres of drinking water a day, compared to the current 15,000 cubic metres. It will also have the latest technology and will future-proof Whangarei’s drinking water requirements for several decades,” said Council’s Infrastructure Services Chairman Greg Martin.

The new site is of the right type with plenty of space to accommodate the new plant. The Council’s desire is to fit the new plant in with the character of Whau Valley, without blocking the views and countryside that neighbours enjoy.

If all goes according to plan, work on the new plant could begin in summer 2019 and it could be operational within three years.

The existing water treatment plant would be maintained for a period of time to use as a back-up as the new plant settles in. 



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