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Water water (not) everywhere

This page contains information about the water interruption in Kamo last week.
Updated: 5/04/2017 12:00 a.m.

​If you were one of the residents affected during water interruptions last week, thank you very much for your patience while Council staff and contractors set about fixing the problem. 

The low pressure and water cuts in Kamo and fears of interruptions in Tikipunga were caused by a fault in a telemetry communication system. 

A radio signal that sends messages to water pumps to start working when the water level in a reservoir drops failed in Kamo, so the reservoir supplied water without being topped up, until it was...empty. 

When the taps went dry, the problem was discovered and pumps were started manually. 

As people in the area were still going about their daily business, water continued to run out of the reservoir while it was filling, so progress was slow. 

Council staff were concerned that the evening peak, when everyone gets home and a lot of water is used for cooking, washing, laundry, flushing, that the reservoir might run get low again.  

Instead, it continued to fill, but then air-locks in the system started to block the flow of water to some homes, particularly those in higher parts of Kamo. 

Our contractors worked until 3am to clear air locks, so people started the day with some water supply. 

By lunchtime Friday no water interruptions were being reported, and we are continuing to address the issue with the radio signal between the reservoir and the pumps.  



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