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Hikurangi and Tarewa wastewater upgrade

This page contains information about the Hikurangi and Tarewa wastewater upgrade.
Updated: 12/09/2017 1:46 p.m.

​Hikurangi Wastewater Upgrade

Work on stage one of Hikurangi’s sewer upgrade was slowed down by wet weather and boggy paddocks, but is on schedule to be completed in October. 

United Civil Construction Limited has been working this part of the project since March. 

The first stage of a wider sewer network upgrade, it has included two new pump stations (one at Parks Street near the rugby league fields and one at  the corner of State Highway One and Jordan Valley Road) and 2km of pipework.

This work will increase the system’s capacity to carry wastewater from the township to the wastewater treatment plant at Jordan Valley Rd. It will also remove some of the dilapidated and leaky pipes from the network.

Stage two will commence next year, fixing sewer pipes within the township’s local network (located in the streets and on private properties). It will involve pipe and manhole replacement and repairs.  Property owners affected by stage two work will be consulted once the design is completed.

Tarewa Tank

One of the last projects in a 10-year plan to prevent storm spills from our District’s sewer scheme into the harbour, is entering its final phase. 

In the past, sewage pipes have sometimes overflowed when rainwater has flowed into them during heavy rain. This would then flow into the harbour and result in fishing bans. In 2008 Council set a plan to deal with the major over-flow points to prevent these spills. 

This work included a $4m holding tank and treatment plant on the Hatea River, new sewer mains and expansion of the Kioreroa Waste Water Treatment Plant and major expansion of the Okara pumping station. 

Various works have continued since then and in the final job on that plan a 650m3 underground storage tank will be built underneath Tarewa Park. They will hold wastewater mixed with rainwater generated during heavy storms. 

It will then let the water back into the sewer system for treatment at the Kioreroa Road Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

The tank will also be able to treat highly diluted wastewater before discharging it, if needed. 

The $5m tank and UV equipment undertaken by Downer, will start in October. It should be completed and operational in July next year.  



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