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Waste Minimisation - HAVE YOUR SAY

This page contains information about Council reviewing its Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Plan.
Updated: 8/08/2017 10:40 a.m.

​HAVE YOUR SAY about rubbish 

Council is currently reviewing its Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Plan and wants to hear from you!

The Solid Waste Management and Minimisation plan outlines the big picture approach Council takes towards managing waste within the District, all the objectives, policies and funding strategies and systems. 

That includes how it sets about encouraging residents to reduce how much waste is produced and sent to landfill (waste minimisation). It includes the District's commitment to the New Zealand Waste Strategy and the most recent Waste Assessment undertaken by Council.  

It also outlines Council's responsibility to ensure that systems for collecting, transporting and disposing of waste does not cause a nuisance for residents. 

Council needs to review the plan regularly to ensure it still aligns with what the community wants, and with other changes such as technology, legislation, government policy and technology. 

Once reviewed, the plan will set the foundation for the way future waste management and minimisation policies, services and facilities are developed and implemented in a way that is sustainable and makes the best use of Council's resources. 

67,000 tonnes of waste was generated in the Whangarei district in 2016. 

70% of this waste was sent to the landfill and the rest was recycled or composted. 

The overall vision of the revised Plan is:

"to deliver community benefits and reduce waste. Whangarei businesses and households will be provided with efficient and effective waste minimisation and management services."

A series of targets are proposed in the revised plan including:

  • Maintaining waste generation below 800kg per person in Whangarei each year.
  • Recycling at least 35% of waste collected at the roadside from households.
  • Recovering or recycling at least 50% of the waste taken to transfer stations in the Whangarei District.
  • Achieving over 85% resident satisfaction with kerbside recycling, refuse and transfer station services.
  • Achieving over 75% resident satisfaction with Council litter and illegal dumping services.
  • Reducing Illegal dumping levels from 2015/16 figures

We are considering

  • Continuing to provide roadside refuse and recycling collections across the District. But how we do this may change;
  • What about bags for refuse, but replace recycling crates with  240L bins. How would this affect you?
  • Continuing to provide access to refuse transfer stations for refuse disposal and recycling across the District.

Should we add green waste recycling at transfer station – what other innovative ideas do you have about how these facilities are used? 

  • Working with the community on options for litter bins in holiday areas across the District to reduce litter and maintain an acceptable level of service. 

How can we solve the problem of high waste volumes during the peak holiday periods? 

  • Continuing to fund solid waste minimisation education programmes.
  • Making grants available from Council's allocation of Waste Levy funds
  • Developing an implementation plan for the existing Solid Waste Management Bylaw. 

We plan to continue funding the service by:

  • User pays for rubbish disposal
  • Targeted rates for recycling 

Waste minimisation levy to subsidise education programmes, recycling and waste minimisation work?

How much do you care about waste and how it is managed? 

Have you got any good ideas? 

Is there something you think should be changed?

The consultation period closed 4 August 2017. 

Follow the link below for more information on the Draft Plan.

Draft Waste Minimisation Plan [pdf: 112kb]

You can also view the Assessment and Statement of Proposal documents under the 'Resources' on the top right of this page.

Read the full Public Notice here:

Hearings were scheduled in Council Chambers, Forum North on 24 August 2017 at 1pm.


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