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Wash your Hands at all Water Restriction Levels

This page contains a news story about the importance of washing hands despite Water restrictions, and how to save water while washing hands properly.
Updated: 14/04/2020 9:56 p.m.
Water Restrictions are in place at Level 3.

​“Keep washing your hands to keep Covid-19 at bay, even though water restrictions have kicked up a gear,” says Council’s Water Services Manager Andrew Venmore.

“We have had to make the fairly heart-wrenching decision to move to Level three water restrictions this week because the rain just hasn’t come and water is getting worryingly low.

“Usually when we have a drought it has broken by now, but this one has gone on for over a year and there is no real sign of a big change ahead for a while.

“Our residents have been very good at bringing the water use down from it’s highest levels in summer, and that would usually have seen us through comfortably to the rainy season, but the rain just does not seem to be coming in sufficient quantities.” 

Mr Venmore said it was a difficult decision to make going to Level three restrictions (described in the large public notice on this page). 

“We are very conscious of the effect these restrictions have on businesses particularly, during ordinary times. Many will be in hardship already, and anxious about starting up again after the Covid-19 shut down lifts.  Anyone who is in a difficult situation regarding water should call us. 

“In the meantime, we want people to keep washing their hands to stop the spread. Just think of it being the same as brushing teeth – the water does not have to be on throughout – you can turn it on at the beginning to apply soap, turn it off while you scrub, then turn it on to rinse.” 



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