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Rose Street to Vine Street connection to be Upgraded

This page contains a news story about a proposed upgrade to the walking path between Rose Street (by the bus station) and Vine Street (through the carpark).
Updated: 13/07/2020 3:23 p.m.

​Creating a fresh new feeling to attract people back into Whangārei’s central retail area is the plan behind an experimental Tactical Urbanism project funded by Government.

Council has received $111,000 from Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency’s innovating Streets for People fund, to improve the connection from the bus hub on Rose Street to Quality Street, which runs between Vine Street and Cameron Street.

Picture of Vine Street carpark.

“The project will provide a stronger visual link between the transport and shopping areas, and make Vine Street easier for pedestrians to cross,” said Council's Manager of Infrastructure Planning and Capital Works, Shelley Wharton.

“Tactical Urbanism is an approach that allows councils to try out improvements in a fail-safe way. At a relatively low cost we can embark on a project to test a well-developed idea, without making a full commitment.

“That way we can find out if it is likely to succeed in the way intended, and if so, develop it into a permanent solution. If it doesn’t work out, the information generated adds to what we know about how our Central Business District works and what our residents like and don’t, and we can put things back how they were. 

Mrs Wharton said Council has a master plan for the Central City that aims to develop critical connections between active areas.

“Our design and strategy teams will work with the community to design and deliver the project. When the project is installed, we will assess it over several months to see whether more people decide to use the buses, move along the path between the bus and retail area, jay-walk less and spend more time in the retail area. Depending on the result we will either develop the idea further, change it, or let it revert.”



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