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Twin coast lightning upgrade

This page contains information about a lighting upgrade to the Twin Coast Discovery Highway.
Updated: 28/11/2017 4:02 p.m.

The Twin Coast Discovery Highway will be even brighter and shinier as it passes through Whangarei City thanks to a lighting upgrade by Currie Electrical on behalf of Council.

This work is part of an overall project to convert all of the streetlights in our district to Light Emitting Diode (LED) to reduce power and maintenance costs, plus provide a better quality of light.  

Most of the project will just consist of a like-for-like replacement of the existing lights with LEDs.  

However, in Whangarei City we are taking the opportunity to upgrade the lighting on the main arterial roads to improve road safety at night.

The work is starting now and will run until April 2018. The contract value is $1.2million.

Work will focus initially on underground drilling to install new cabling; boring holes for the new streetlight poles and installation of new steel streetlight poles.  

This work will be undertaken while the new LEDs are being manufactured and shipped from Italy. The new LEDs will be installed at the end of the works.

Improving the lighting along the route will benefit both Whangarei community and tourists using this section of the Twin Coast Discovery Highway.  

The outcome should be lighting similar to that at the recently completed Mill Rd/Nixon St and Kamo Road/Kensington Avenue/Nixon Street intersections

The works are located as follows:

  • Tarewa Road, from SH1 to Morningside Road
  • Lower Tarewa Road, from Morningside Road to the Five Finger Roundabout
  • Walton Street, from the Five Finger Roundabout to Dent Street
  • Dent Street, from Walton Street/Dent Street Intersection to Riverside Drive
  • Hatea Drive, from Riverside Drive to Nixon Street/Banff Street Intersection
  • Mill Road, from Mercer Street to Waiatawa Road
  • Waiatawa Road, from Mill Road to Kiripaka Road
  • Kiripaka Road, from Waiatawa Road to Boundary Road
  • Paramount Parade, from Spedding Road to Corks Road
  • Riverside Drive pedestrian crossing, adjacent to Memorial Drive. 



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