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Council targeting zero waste to landfill

This page contains information about the new Waste Minimisation and Management Plan that has been adopted.
Updated: 5/10/2017 12:00 p.m.

​Council has adopted its new Waste Minimisation and Management Plan (WMMP) that has a vision of working towards zero waste to landfill.

Council’s Waste and Drainage Manager Andrew Carvell said that consultation with the community has highlighted that we are all keen to see improvements made to the way we deal with our rubbish.

“Waste is a big issue for our district with around 47,000 tonnes of rubbish taken to landfill each year and almost 20,000 tonnes of material are recycling or recovered.

Over 45% of materials taken to our transfer stations is recycled into new products in Whangarei or elsewhere instead of going into landfill.” he said.

Council operates the Puwera Landfill and Re:Sort transfer station through a partnership with Northland Waste Ltd, and recognises the important role this joint venture will play in delivering some of the targets set out in the WMMP.

“Now that we have updated our plan, we can start working with the community and businesses to turn it into reality. 

“The first step is putting new contracts in place for refuse and recycling collection and operation of the rural transfer station network. This will include having two containers for residential recycling – one for glass and one for paper, plastic, tins and aluminium.

“We will be providing information and education to the community on waste minimisation and management and we will continue to work with other Councils and stakeholders to promote waste minimisation at a national level.”

“Council has a role dealing with rubbish that our community creates, so it’s great if everyone can think about how they can reduce their waste,” Andrew said.

“Simple things like only buying what you need, reusing as much as you can and composting garden waste really make a difference. 

“We also need to see more people recycling everything they can through Council’s kerbside collection, at your local transfer station or donating unwanted goods to charity.

“Business and industry initiatives for handling materials like soft plastic, unwanted paint, tyres and agrichemicals are all part of the picture.

“There is still a lot of work to do but it’s great to see that so many people in our community are passionate about moving to zero waste and so are we!” he said.

Our vision for waste minimisation

To deliver community benefits and work towards zero waste to landfill.  Whangarei businesses and households will be provided with efficient and effective waste minimisation and management services that recognise waste as a resource.



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