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Beat statutory close down

This page contains information about getting applications in to Council by 22 November 2018 if you need them for events or activities over the holidays.
Updated: 31/10/2018 12:00 a.m.

Get your applications in to Whangarei District Council as soon as possible (by 22 November 2018 at the latest) if you need them for events or activities over the holidays. 

Several government acts have statutory close down periods in summer and during these, processing of applications goes on hold. 

All sorts of projects that may require consent, permission or licences from Council - including some building and earth works, serving alcohol at events and applications - must be lodged in time to be processed before they close down.

Acts of Parliament that permits and licences are granted under have set timeframes for processing.

Usually these are around 20 working days, but in summer there are several days that cannot be included in these timeframes.

These include:

  • Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act - working days exclude 20 December to 15 January.
  • Resource Management Act and Building Act - working days exclude 20 December to 10 January.
  • Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act (LGOIMA) - working days exclude 25 December to 15 January.

Remember to get all applications you need for events happening in or shortly after these periods into us as early as possible (before 22 November 2018) to ensure your event or project stays on track. 

Special alcohol licences must be in by 22 November 2018. 

Call us to discuss anything you might be applying for this summer and check out the timeframes that apply to you. 




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