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Starry starry LED's

This page contains information about replacing street lighting from the current sodium yellow bulbs to white light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
Updated: 29/09/2017 11:06 a.m.

​Like many cities when seen from the sky at night, Whangarei resembles rumpled black velvet lit with grids of golden sparks. 

But this vision will not always be so. Sooner than you think, the view from the sky may be darker and cooler.

At street level, a programme to replace the lighting used to keep our community safe will see street lights changed from the current sodium yellow bulbs to white light-emitting diodes (LEDs). 

In a trial run next month, lightbulbs in Onerahi and Whangarei Heads will be replaced with white LEDs.  

Project Manager Mark Seakins said the brightness of the lights should stay about the same at ground level, and the whiter light should provide better illumination of the road and footpath. Once the LED lights have been installed, Council will be surveying light output to identify any dark areas that do not meet lighting levels and to determine possible future upgrades. 

“Any lessons we learn in the trial will be applied when we replace all the other luminaires in the district.”  

Mr Seakins said tenders closed recently for another project that will convert the Twin Coast Discovery Highway lights in Whangarei City to LEDs over the next 5 months. 

Further tenders will be let over the next 6 months to convert all the street lighting in the district to the new system. 

Mr Seakins said the work was part of a nationwide change to LED lighting for cost efficiency and safety reasons. 

“These lights cost significantly less to run, are long-lasting, provide a better quality of light and may even reduce light pollution in the district.  

The upside of that is when viewing the sky from the city the stars may seem brighter. 

NZTA are funding 85% of this work and the whole project will be completed by 30 June 2018.



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