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Signs, skateboards, horses - Have your say

If you have ever had an issue about a sign, skateboarders or roller skaters, or the way people behave in public places, you can tell Council your views this month.
Updated: 3/06/2014 11:01 a.m.
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​Council is calling for comment on plans to revoke its Signs Control Bylaw and replace it with a Control of Advertising Signs Bylaw, and plans to revoke its Roller Skate and Skateboard Control Bylaw and review its Public Places Bylaw.

Some of the proposed changes to the bylaws are outlined here, but anyone interested in the issue should read the full proposals and draft bylaws for full details. They are available online and from Council offices. See the advertisement under public notices for more information.

Submissions on the changes to these bylaws may be made from today until 4 July.  Hearings will be held on 13 July, and the finalised bylaw changes will go to Council for approval on 27 August.


The aim of the new Advertising Signs Bylaw is to ensure signs are safely installed and don’t cause any hazards for the public.  Others aim to control the number of signs in the District, to ensure signs are of a high visual standard and are not offensive, and to provide clearer guidelines to anyone planning to put up a sign.

Under the new bylaw people would still be able put up temporary signs advertising community events, and Council would be responsible for controlling banners in Cameron Street Mall.

All signs would still have to comply with road safety requirements.

Public places

The changes proposed to the Public Places Bylaw aim to ensure that everyone can enjoy high-quality public spaces that are physically and socially safe. They cover damage to public facilities like roads and reserves, and also the things people do in public spaces that could have an effect on other people.

As well as changes to the way skateboarding and roller skating are controlled in public places, the review of the Public Places Bylaw also covers bikes in the Central Business District, begging and horses on beaches.

Beaches and horses

Proposed changes to the way the bylaw governs horses on beaches aim to minimise contact and potential safety issues or conflict between riders, their horses and other beach users.

The bylaw would allow horses on beaches at Whananaki, Pataua and two places at Ruakaka.  It would govern how far swimming horses and their riders should stay from swimmers, where horses should be unloaded, and safe riding.

City buskers

Under the reviewed bylaw, a busker would be allowed to perform for one hour, three times a week, before having to apply for a permit.

City skaters and rollers

Again, the aim of proposed changes to the bylaw aim to keep people safe in public streets and spaces in the central city. Cycling in the Mall and on footpaths in the CBD would be banned, and current rules controlling skateboards and rollerskates would remain.



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