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Significance and Engagement: Talk to us

Recent changes to the Local Government Act have required all Councils to write a policy to help us decide what the really important issues are to our community, and how and when we will involve the community in decision making.

Updated: 6/10/2014 4:20 p.m.

​We have drafted a Significance and Engagement Policy that outlines a framework to ensure we take a consistent, systematic approach to this.

We are seeking your feedback on the draft policy to find out whether we have understood what is important to you and, in particular, how you want to be involved around important proposals and decisions.

To do this we have put a survey on this website to get specific feedback from you about the draft policy.

The survey asks whether you are someone who participates in Council decision making processes.  Do you already make submissions, go to public meetings, or have you presented at a hearing?

How did you find that process?  If you thought it worked well, we want to find out why, so we can make sure we include the good parts of the current approach as we go forward.

If you didn’t like the process, we want to hear why it didn’t work for you, so we can eliminate the bits that are unsuccessful, or change them.

Some people don’t take part in Council decision making at all because they think it is too hard.

So we’ve made it simple by putting a short survey online and making copies of that survey available at Customer Services, our reception areas and libraries.

We want to tease out anything that stops people engaging with us, so that we can address those issues in the policy.

We also want to know how much you think people should be involved in the decisions we make about things in the District, what kinds of things you want to have a say in and what kinds of things we should just get on with. 

We want to know how much  you expect to be involved in Council decision making on proposals or decisions that;

  • Could affect you directly (e.g. impact the services you receive)
  • Could affect the majority of the community  
  • Could have a financial impact (e.g. will affect rates, Council’s debt levels or significantly increase fees and charges)
  • May be controversial (e.g. fluoride or legal highs)  
  • May be of high public interest (e.g. the waste water improvements)  

At what point in the decision making should you be involved?

How would you prefer us to inform you and seek your feedback?

What works for you? Do you prefer to find out about things Online (Facebook, Twitter, website, surveys), via your mobile  (text messaging, apps), via paper (newspaper, submission forms, letters, surveys), one on one or as part of a group? 

The survey will be available online until 31 October 2014, so let us know.

To access  the survey follow this link.



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