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Erosion repair, stream and dune restoration at Sandy Bay

This page contains information about redirecting Sandy Bay's stream back onto its old course and repair erosion.
Updated: 15/08/2017 4:42 p.m.

​Work to redirect Sandy Bay’s stream back onto its old course and repair erosion on its southern bank will begin in August.

The stream used to flow north along the beach and exit with another stream at the end of a large sandspit (or dune) that lay between it and the sea.

Heavy storms washed a gap through the dune near the centre of the beach, changing the course of the stream while sand to the north of the stream built up and prevented it from moving back to its original course. These changes allowed the sea to wash in and out of the mouth of the stream, eroding its southern banks.

Restoration will include digging a new northern stream channel, using root balls and logs to build up the stream bank where it has been eroded, fencing off areas, planting and providing new paths onto the beach.



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