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Revitalising Mander Park

This page contains information about the work underway to revitalise Mander Park in Whangarei.
Updated: 15/07/2013 4:34 p.m.
Photograph of Mander Park playground.

​Mander Park playground

​Given to the City by Francis Mander in 1906, Mander Park has been used for everything from grazing sheep to cadet parades, hockey fields and tennis courts; it has been the base for an annual trolley derby and has boasted a bandstand and glass house in its past.

Last year a promise was made that it would be revitalised following the removal of large trees along Central Avenue boundaries, to allow for more efficient traffic flows on and off State Highway One.

Great progress has been made over the winter, and the refurbishment is due to be completed late in spring.

New picnic tables, bench seats and clusters of cube seats have already been installed in the park and custom-made steel and timber light standards will be be installed during the next month or so. Made out of the timber from the large trees that were removed last year, the furniture ensures that they remain very much part of the park's new incarnation.

Maintaining clear sight lines through the park are important elements of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles we use when designing public spaces.

In response to increased usage of the park during the last year, a new toilet block will be built on the same side as the children's playground. It will also take into account crime prevention through environmental design by being visible and ensuring that people can be seen coming and going from the cubicles.  

The central garden will be re-developed on more of a personal scale with refined planting, paving and seats. Later on there will be a paved entrance to the park with lighted bollards and a history board. 



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