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What do you think of Council’s services?

This page contains information about Council's annual residents' survey.
Updated: 16/07/2018 2:30 p.m.

If someone rings you during May/June and asks questions about the services you receive from Whangarei District Council, don’t hold back!

The caller will be a from independent research company Versus Research Limited (VRL) undertaking Whangarei District Council’s annual residents’ survey.

Callers will be asking a representative sample of residents (from 400 households) to rate Council’s services. The results will be analysed by ward and demographics to identify trends. The results will be incorporated into key indicators in the Annual Report that will be released later this year.

Chief Executive Rob Forlong said Council had been trying out some new ways of communicating with residents and gauging satisfaction over the past year, and continuing to run the annual survey would provide a consistent measure of any changes from year to year.

“We want to know how people think we are doing this year, and what we can do to improve so I encourage anyone who gets a call from VRL between now and 2 July to spend the 25 minutes or so it will take to provide their views.

“We appreciate that people are busy and this is a big investment of their time, but the survey is a real opportunity to have your say and subsequently help us to improve services which impact on us all every day.”

What’s a representative sample?

Researchers want to make sure that the survey reflects the characteristics of the people in the six wards of Whangarei proportionately (as per population figures recorded in Census 2013 by Statistics New Zealand), so they will also ask you for your age, gender and ethnicity.

Have only a mobile phone

Only landlines will be called, so asking a bit about you will help VRL to make sure they interview a representative sample of our District population so the results will provide the community ‘voice’ as a whole. Although around 20-30% of people in NZ do not have a landline at home but there is currently no mobile database that can reliably be used for market research purposes.

We have added an online sample size

The way people are communicating is changing. In response to this shift we will also be trialling the survey online. This will be in addition to the telephone survey and should give us a better representation of the cross sections of the community.   



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