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Representation Review Update

This page contains information about an update on the Representation Review of 2018.
Updated: 16/08/2018 9:27 a.m.

​Whangarei District Council is considering changing two ward boundaries and wants to hear the community’s views on the idea.

The changes to the boundary between the Bream Bay Ward and the Okara Ward and to the boundary between the Denby Ward and the Hikurangi/Coastal Ward are proposed following consideration of a variety of options.

“Under the Local Electoral Act 2001 all local authorities must review their representation arrangements at least once every six years. Our Council last reviewed its arrangements in 2012 and were in place during the 2013 and 2016 local elections” said Council’s Senior Legal Adviser Kathryn Candy.

“It is now time to look at these representation arrangements again to determine whether any changes need to be applied before the 2019 and 2022 local elections. Council must consider its communities of interest, what effective representation is (whether to have wards, the boundaries of those wards, the names and how many Councillors in each ward) and then whether that representation is fair – is there the right amount of councillors per head of population. The Act requires a calculation to be made in a range of plus or minus ten percent.”

Current representation

Council currently has 13 councillors elected from six wards with no community boards.

Ward​ ​Population ​Councillors ​Average ​Fits Rule ​% Variation
​Bream Bay ​13,500 2​ ​6,750 ​Yes ​-2.18%
​Denby ​21,400 ​3 ​7,133 ​Yes ​+3.37%
​Hikurangi-Coastal ​13,250 ​2 ​6,625 ​Yes ​-4%
​6,330 ​1 ​6,330 ​Yes ​-8.27%
​Okara ​28,300 ​4 ​7,075 ​Yes ​+2.52%
​Whangarei Heads ​6,930 ​1 ​6,930 ​Yes ​+0.42%

What is being proposed?

At the 26 July 2018 Council meeting Council decided on an initial proposal to retain 13 councillors elected from six wards with no community boards.

There are however two slight changes to the ward boundaries (to better reflect communities of interest) these being between the Okara and Bream Bay Wards and between the Hikurangi-Coastal and Denby Wards. The mayor will be elected at large.

The proposal complies with the requirements for fair representation.

Ward​ Population Councillors Average Fits Rule % Variation
​Bream Bay ​12,590 ​2 ​6,295 ​Yes ​-8.78%
​Denby ​22,140 ​3 ​7,380 ​Yes ​+6.94%
​Hikurangi-Coastal ​12,510 ​2 ​6,255 ​Yes ​-9.36%
​Mangakahia-Maungatapere ​6,330 ​1 ​6,330 ​Yes ​-8.27%
​Okara ​29,210 ​4 ​7,303 ​Yes ​+5.83%
​Whangarei Heads ​6,930 ​1 ​6,930 ​Yes ​+0.42%

(You can view a copy of the Council News of 8 August 2018 Publication to see a copy of the map illustrations - link below)

Council News Publication - 8 August 2018 [664kb]

Denby Ward / Hikurangi-Coastal Ward change:

This proposal moves an area around Dip Road, Georgia Lane, Waipanga Road and Springs Flat Road from the Hikurangi-Coastal Ward into the Denby Ward.

This change is to recognise the increase in subdivision activity which has increased the density of the population in this area. The movement of the boundary reflects that this community aligns more with the urban Denby Ward than the rural Hikurangi-Coastal Ward.

Bream Bay Ward / Okara Ward change:

This proposal moves the Bream Bay Ward/Okara Ward boundary so that the area around Smeaton Drive, Acacia Drive and Wattle Lane move from being in the Bream Bay Ward to being in the Okara Ward. This change is to reflect that this community of interest is more aligned with the urban ward of Okara than the rural ward of Bream Bay.

Want to find out more?

Come to one of our public drop in sessions to be held in the May Bain Room at the Whangarei Central Library, Rust Avenue, Whangarei on the following times:

  • Thursday 16 August 2018 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 22 August 2018 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

How do I have my say?

We want to hear your views on this Initial Proposal for representation arrangements.

You can have your say by visiting our Representation Review page on our webiste (link below) and completing the online form, or print it off and send it either by:


Post:  Representation Review 2018, Whangarei District Council, Private Bag 9023, Whangarei 0148

Delivery:  Hand your submission form into any Whangarei District Council office or service centre




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