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Representation Review

This page contains information about the Representation Reivew 2018.
Updated: 16/07/2018 2:30 p.m.

Council is calling for your views on the way our District’s communities are represented in Council before next year’s local body elections and is using an online survey to gather feedback. 

Every six years Council is required to examine how citizens of our District are being represented in Council.  

This process is called a Representation Review and the outcome of the review will then be reflected in the next local body triennial election in 2019.  

“When undertaking a representation review, it is important for Council to understand what the community wants before it makes a decision on what those arrangements should be,” said Senior Legal Adviser, Kathryn Candy.  

“We want to know from you whether you would like to see any change to the current six ward structure, whether the current ward structure is representative of your community of interest (that place where you have a sense of belonging and you look to for the provision of social, cultural, social and economic support) and if we have the right amount of councillors around the table.  

“We want to know if our ward names need changing and whether we should introduce community boards to act as advocates for your particular community.  

“Your feedback on these issues will guide Council with making its initial decision on representation arrangements.  Once that initial decision has been made, Council will then undergo a formal consultation with you to get your submissions on that initial decision.  We expect that formal consultation process to be in August 2018,” she said.

We would like to know the following: 

Would you like to see a change to the current six ward structure?

Council currently has six wards. The city wards are Denby and Okara with 3 councillors in the Denby Ward and 4 Councillors in the Okara Ward. The rural wards are Mangakahia-Maungatapere with 1 Councillor, Hikurangi-Coastal with 2 Councillors, Bream Bay with 2 Councillors and Whangārei Heads with 1 Councillor.

How many councillors do you think the Whangarei District Council should have?

Would you like to see the introduction of community boards?

Community Boards represent and act as an advocate for the interests of the community. Each board must have between four and 12 members and must include at least four elected members. It may also include appointed members. The board carries out those functions and powers that are delegated to it by Council. Council does not currently have Community Boards.

Do you think the current wards reflect Whangarei’s communities of interest?

Communities of interest can mean different things to different people. They can also change over time.  In general a community of interest is an area to which one feels a sense of belonging and to which one looks for social, cultural, service and economic support contributing to the development of a shared identity.

Are you happy with the name of our current wards - Bream Bay, Whangārei Heads, Hikurangi-Coastal, Mangakahia-Maungatapere, Okara, Denby?

Please give us your feedback

You can either complete the online survey or download a PDF form, fill it in and either post, email or drop it off at our customer services offices. All responses must be submitted to Council by 27 June 2018.

Read more about the Representation Review and complete the survey by clicking on the link below.



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