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Autumn brings rat problem

This page contains information about complaints received about an influx of rats in the railway embankment alongside lower Bank Street.
Updated: 29/05/2018 3:14 p.m.

If you are noticing more rats around this autumn, join the club – Council has had several complaints about an influx of rats in the railway embankment alongside lower Bank Street.  

The stony sides of the embankment are warm and dry and the spaces between rocks make perfect nests for rodents.  

This year’s long, warm summer and very mild autumn may well be behind the high number of rodent reports – good breeding conditions mean more are around in a year like this. 

While Council is working with Kiwi Rail to organize an ongoing baiting programme to rid this area of rats, there are several measures people can take to reduce the rat numbers around their own homes. 

Just as we are asking businesses and residents in the Bank Street area to do, residents throughout the District are encouraged to clear overgrown areas around their homes and to remove any rubbish like old furniture that makes nice warm houses for rats and mice. Rubbish is also best kept in firmly closing bins in between collections. If you have a compost area that is attracting rats, lay baits around it. 

Council does not provide rat bait for private land, but it is available from supermarkets and hardware stores.  



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