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Queuing upsides and downsides

Traffic engineers are looking at options to reduce the queues of peak-hour traffic along Riverside Drive.
Updated: 19/02/2018 2:57 p.m.
Image of Riverside Drive.

​Riverside Drive, Whangarei.

​WDC Roading Engineer Jeff Devine said queuing along Riverside had increased but it had reduced on the roads that connected with Riverside between the roundabout and Onerahi.

The roundabout slows the flow of traffic along Riverside Drive and that has made it easier for traffic from side roads to join the column of traffic into town: an upside for side traffic but a downside for those on the main road. Council is currently looking at options to improve this.

“While there is a longer queue now, the traffic is moving smoothly at a safe speed,” he said.

The peak-hour queuing was not caused by Te Matau a Pohe lifting, but by the high volume of traffic on the road at peak hours.

The bridge’s non-opening hours, during which it may be used only by road traffic and pedestrians (not boats), are  7.15am to 8.45am, and 4pm to 5-30pm, Monday to Friday.  There have been no unscheduled lifts during this period.

The bridge is also lifted at 12 noon every day and on demand throughout the day when requested by skippers. 



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