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Pohe Island Dog Park

This page contains information about the Dog Park on Dave Culham Drive that will be closed for two weeks due to an upgrade.
Updated: 31/10/2017 2:00 p.m.

Closed for two-week upgrade

The Dog Park on Dave Culham Drive is too wet and muddy over winter for any work to be done to fix it. 

However, with the weather improving and the days getting longer, a two-week window has opened for major drainage work on the park. 

Starting on 6 November, the park will be closed while a drain coil is installed around the park’s eastern and northern fence line. 

“This should capture run-off from the road and direct it around the park. Drain coil will also be placed alongside an existing path in the park, from the entrance to the eastern end, allowing water that collects there to flow away,” said Fiona Pratt Waste and Drainage Projects Engineer.

“Both these drain coils will discharge the stormwater into a swale drain outside the eastern end of the park.”

Mrs Pratt said about 60m2 of an existing area within the park will be stripped, replaced with a free draining topsoil and sown with a heavy-duty rye grass. This will be monitored over the next few months to see if it assists with the drainage issues.

The work is being undertaken by Hydrotech Ltd. 

Work will commence on 6 November 2017 and should take no more than two weeks to complete.

Dog Park users are encouraged to use the other dog park on Pohe Island, accessable from the Rock ‘n Roll Club 



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