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Sensational parking signs

This page contains information about smart parking signs that have been installed at the entrances of various car parking areas.
Updated: 11/04/2017 2:01 p.m.

​If you have ever cruised around and around a car parking area, waiting for a space, only to give up and go somewhere else, those days may soon be long behind you.  

Whangarei District Council has installed smart parking signs at the entrances to its car parking areas at Laurie Hall Park, Central City, Vine Street, Water Street and Forum North.  

These signs will let you know how many spaces are available within the car park, so you can avoid entering to find yourself in a stationary queue.  

Electronic sensors will count the number of cars entering and leaving four of the car parks, a computer will calculate the number of spaces remaining and display it on an illuminated sign at the entrances to four of the carparks.

Laurie Hall Park has three entrances and exits and several lanes, so individual sensors will be installed in each car space rather than just at the entries and exits.  

Whangarei District Council Infrastructure Committee Chairman Councillor Greg Martin said the aim of the sensors is to make it easier for customers and to reduce congestion and frustration for those parking.  

“We plan to develop our over-all parking smartness during the next few years, potentially linking to a smart park app so drivers can check parking availability from a distance, and we will also look at linking it to our parking payment app, Mpark.  

 “Long-term we also intend to display parking information on smart signs at the entrances to all our main routes into town."  



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