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Otuihau clean up funding

This page contains information about some funding that's available for fencing and planting streambanks and help setting up alternative stock drinking water systems.
Updated: 7/08/2017 8:53 a.m.

​Do you live inside the green area on this map and have an un-fenced waterway running through your property?

If you do, some funding may be available for fencing and planting streambanks and helping to set up alternative stock drinking water systems.

The Ministry for the Environment Community Environment Fund has recently granted a group working on water quality at Otuihau/Whangarei Falls $258,000 to put towards this work in the catchment.

The group includes Northland District Health Board, Northland Regional Council, Pehiaweri Marae, Tiki Pride, Whangarei District Council and the Whitebait Connection representatives who joined forces in 2015 to focus on making the water at the falls healthier for people to swim in.

“Whangarei Falls and the Harbour are two of the greatest natural assets of the District enjoyed by locals and tourists,” said Nicki Wakefield, Chair of the working group.

“The problem is that tests are showing poor water quality at the falls, especially after heavy rain. Scientific testing shows that

E. coli bacteria found in the water at the falls is coming from wild bird and cattle poo. People swimming in water that contains high levels of this bacteria have a higher risk of getting sick than when it’s at low levels.” 

Northland Regional Council Farm Plan Manager, Lorna Douglas said fencing off streamsides and planting them will improve the water quality.

“A survey in 2015 showed only 10% of steams in the catchment were fenced. We would like to increase that number significantly, so we are very pleased to get this funding,” she said.

 If you have a property with an un-fenced stream in the catchment, contact Lorna on 0800 002 004. She can visit your property and discuss fencing and funding options with you. 

Community planting days are being held over the next few months on Council land beside waterways in the catchment.

The next planting day is:

Kamo Football Club on 13 August at 10am
For more details contact:



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