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Nicole Butturini - Assistant Accountant extraordinaire!

The chance to gain $5,000 a year towards student fees and secure two years of full time work is being offered to Whangarei students studying Civil Engineering, Information Technology, Planning and Library Studies.
Updated: 21/06/2014 7:04 a.m.
Image of Tertiary Scholarship Student Nicole Butturini.

​Tertiary Scholarship Student
Nicole Butturini.

​Whangarei District Council's scholarship program is a win-win for successful students and for Council.

“It enables us to help to create skilled employees in fields where there is a demand in our line of work. Successful applicants get to learn on-the-job during the holidays, and they also get a secure start to the first two years of their professional lives,” said WDC Human Resources Manager, Jenny Antunovich.

“The scheme was established in 2005 to remedy professional skill shortages and to demonstrate Council commitment to further education for local people for the benefit of the community.”

Assistant Accountant Nicole Butturini has been with Council since she graduated in 2012 and agreed to answer a few questions.

Where are you from?

Originally Maungatapere.

What school did you go to?

Maungatapere Primary School, Whangarei Girls High School.

Where did you go to university?

Lincoln University.

What did you study?

Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting.

How did you hear about the scholarships?

My parents saw it in the newspaper and encouraged me to apply.

How much did you get? 

$8,000 in the final year of my study.

How did you get the scholarship?

We all did 10-minute presentations on how to make Whangarei a better place for youth, submitted a CV and were interviewed.

What commitments did you make to WDC?

I agreed to work for two years at Council after graduating and I was offered work in the holidays.

Why did you apply for the scholarship and decide to work here?

I applied for the scholarship to help  get through university financially, without having to pester my parents any longer, I decided Council would be a great place to work because I LOVE Whangarei and the lifestyle  (horses, diving and beaches) which I get to enjoy with my family.

Why did you choose a career in accounting?

I had to do an economics paper at High School and accounting was compulsory and I found out I was really good at it! When you are good at something it makes it more enjoyable to do.

What do you do at Council?

I took over the treasury role which involves managing debt and interest. I look after the Whangarei Art Museum Trust accounts and Annual Report; all sorts of other things. It is a very varied role.

What are the most enjoyable, surprising, challenging things about the job?

Having to forecast cash flows and manage debt was challenging. Working with the great team in Finance has made it very enjoyable. I have learnt lots from my colleagues.

Would you recommend applying to Council for a scholarship?

Yes. Of course. Why wouldn’t you want to come back here?



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