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Next steps for a walkable Kamo

In May 2014 the Kamo Place Race project was shortlisted as a finalist for two awards at the Association of Local Government Information Managers Annual Conference in Auckland.
Updated: 10/06/2014 11:23 a.m.
Image of Kamo Place Race Pop-up Park.

Kamo Place Race pop-up park.

The awards were for “Digital Project of the Year” and “Best Use of Social Media”. The Kamo Place Race won “Best Use of Social Media”. This award will be officially presented to Whangarei District Council at the Planning Committee meeting in June.

This award recognises the innovative use of facebook and twitter for the Kamo Place Race.

“The number of people following on our facebook page was great and it seemed to create a real buzz around the project,” said Nina Murphy, Policy Planner at the Council and Project Lead for the Kamo Place Race.

“As well as enquiries during the Place Race we have had a number of other Councils in New Zealand come to us for advice on running their own ‘Place Races’.”

What are we doing with your feedback from the Kamo Place Race?

Following the Kamo Place Race in February Council Planners have been busily preparing a draft District Plan Change for Kamo, called the “Kamo Walkability Environment”.

This proposes to change the zoning of the Kamo commercial area and surrounding residential areas to allow for growth within a compact walkable area.

The key themes to emerge from the Kamo Place Race were that people generally enjoyed the village feel of Kamo and a large percentage of people visiting Kamo had walked to get there rather than driving.

There was support for further development in areas that did not have physical constraints such as mining hazards. A major issue raised was the need for a central gathering space in Kamo for people to spend time, relax and enjoy open, green space.

While some of the issues raised lie outside the District Plan, the main themes (particularly that of the suburb’s ‘walkability’) have informed the drafting of the Kamo Plan Change.

“We are taking the proposed Kamo Plan Change to the Council in June and if they adopt it we will be sending it out to the public on the 1st July for submissions. We really look forward to hearing from the community on what they think about Kamo’s future development,” said Nina Murphy.

Council Planners are also having conversations with the relevant teams at Council (e.g. roading and parks) to discuss and address the issues that are not covered by the Plan Change for Kamo.  The means to address these issues will be worked on with the relevant Councillors for Kamo.



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