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New railway crossings May 2018

This page contains information about new railway crossings being commissioned in Whangarei, and how to operate them.
Updated: 16/07/2018 2:36 p.m.

​Work to commission the pedestrian gates at the Vinery Lane and Whangarei Primary School crossings will take place the weekend of 20-21 May 2018.

Once the gates are commissioned they will remain ‘live’ and open for use. That means that a small stretch of the shared pathway will be open for use also.

This is great news and at a later date Whangarei District Council will officially open the remaining stretch of pathway once other works (some rail related) have been completed.

We are keen to make sure that everyone is safe around the rail network and have prepared some key safety messages to help when using the new pedestrian gating system.

We would appreciate any help that you can provide to us in spreading the safety message in your newsletters, on social media networks and also on your school website.

Key safety messages are:

• Always expect trains from either direction and at any time

• Look out for trains at all times, and obey signs and signals

• Stay off railway tracks and only ever cross the railway at approved railway level crossing points.

When using the gates remember:

• Gates will activate automatically as trains approach

• Warning bells will sound, lights will flash and the gates will close soon after

• If you have started to cross as the warning bells and lights begin, keep walking to the other side of the crossing. Enter the safety zone in front of the emergency exit gate. 

• Once you are in the safety zone push the gate and exit




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