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New awards celebrate youth

Whangarei District Council and the Youth Advisory Group formally called for nominations for the inaugural Whangarei Youth Awards at an event on 1 September.
Updated: 4/09/2014 9:21 a.m.
Image of young people promoting Youth Awards.

​Launching Whangarei’s first ever Youth Awards are
Whangarei District Council’s Youth Advisory Group
members, Chairman Brad Olsen, Deputy Chair
Pru Rhynd and Youth Committee Chair Andrew Simpkin.

​Funded from the former Whangarei District Council school scholarship fund, the Whangarei Youth Awards are being run by the WDC Youth Advisory Group to recognise a wider range of successes.

Whangarei citizens are being asked to nominate young people in the District who have made a difference in the community.

“This is a way for the community to recognise and celebrate the awesome things young people in the Whangarei District do; to hear the stories of those who fly under the radar.  We ask that if you know of a young person who is giving their all for the Whangarei community, you nominate them so that we can showcase their accomplishments,” says Youth Advisory Group Chairman, Brad Olsen.

Anyone aged 12-24 years who resides in the Whangarei District can be nominated.

Nominations opened on September 1, and run until 3 October. Nomination forms can be found here and at the Whangarei Central Library and the Whangarei Youth Space.

The Youth Advisory Group urges all members of the public to nominate young people they feel are deserving of the awards.

“All you need to do is complete the nomination form, by answering a few questions regarding the nominee,” says Brad.

Whangarei Mayor, Sheryl Mai, sees the Youth Awards as an important way to reward deserving young people in our District.

“Our young people are our future and we need to encourage them,” Mayor Mai says.

“It’s important they are recognised for their efforts to improve our District, and that their achievements are showcased through the forum of these Awards.”

A committee of the Youth Advisory Group will judge the awards along with an expert panel of community leaders who themselves exhibit the attributes reflected in award recipients.

The awards will be presented at an event on 5 December at the Northland Events Centre.

“These youth awards have been created by the Youth Advisory Group, as we feel that the hard work of youth deserves to be acknowledged and the awards will serve as a way of letting the youth community know about those who are making a difference and working to make Whangarei a great place,” says Brad.

This year there will be six award categories:

Leadership (Rangatiratanga) 

A person who inspires people to achieve bigger and better things around the Whangarei District. They are someone who has led by example and produced tangible results. They will create a vision to be shared with Whangarei’s youth.

Empowerment (Whakamana)

Someone who provides support to others to allow them to accomplish their goals in the community.

Volunteer (Kai Tuao)

Someone who willingly provides tangible services to the community for the betterment of others without seeking compensation for services rendered.

Team Player (Kaiawhina)

Someone who works for the team and who puts others ahead of themselves. They are an integral part of the team, who ensures a cohesive structure and provides momentum to the team.

Group Award (Mahi Ropu)

A group that has made inroads into a problem identified by the community.

Change-maker (Kaihanga Rereke)

A person who, by embracing diversity, has created change in their community.

Futher information and nomination forms can be found on our Youth Awards page:



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