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New cemetery services on offer

This page contains information about our new cemetery services.
Updated: 16/11/2018 10:53 a.m.

Natural Burials

The Whangarei District Council is pleased to announce that natural burials are now available at the Maunu Cemetery.

Stephen Jenkins, Cemetery and Botanica Manager says there has been an increasing demand for burials that are more in tune with nature. 

“This is aligned with a general movement within our community to a more sustainable lifestyle. People are already holding more environmentally friendly funerals, using biodegradable coffins, natural preservation and dressing and have been hoping a dedicated natural burial area could be set aside. 

“Following a decision by Council people can now visit one of the natural bush areas at the Cemetery and choose their loved one’s final resting place. We are also offering natural burial of ashes with the option of having a tree placed on top of the grave.”

Family Burials

Another new development at the Maunu Cemetery is the family burials area. This area provides families the option of purchasing a block of plots as opposed to a row of plots.

This layout allows for a larger centralised monument where the names of a series of family members can be engraved. 

Ashes can also be buried in a group with a larger monument than was previously allowed.

Read more about our Cemeteries' Services on our website. (link below)



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