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Millennium Hands – collect yours

This page contains a news story about the removal of the 'Millenium Hands' installation near the Town Basin. Contact us if you would like to reclaim your handprint.
Updated: 8/07/2020 11:48 a.m.

​Work renewing and refurbishing the Children’s playground at the Town Basin is about to begin, but there is one small detail Council’s Parks team needs a hand with. 

The team is looking for the people and families whose hand-prints were pressed into a series of concrete tiles along the edge of the park 20 years ago. 

Picture of hand-prints in concrete.
Most of the 'Millenium Hands' impressions will be removed. Let us know if you would like to collect and keep your square.

The concrete squares were laid along a footpath between the playground and Reyburn House to commemorate the arrival of the year 2000, and the feature was dubbed the Town Basin Millennium Walkway. 

Council, Trudi McRae, Dream Catcher Productions and Radio Northland are all thanked for their contribution to the concrete squares in a plinth close by.

Funds raised by those who bought a square went to the Whangarei Hospital Special Care Babies Unit. 

The squares directly in front of the playground will be removed so a mound can be developed separating the playground from the carpark, making the area safer and more contained for children. The tiles in front of the petanque court will remain in place.

These squares might hold precious memories for people so anyone who would like to collect their square is invited to contact us by Wednesday 22 July 2020.  

The children’s playground (next to Claphams Clock Museum) will be closed after the school holidays for about four months from 27 July to late November. 



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