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Menacing dogs?

This page contains information about a programme for menacing dogs.
Updated: 6/06/2018 10:33 a.m.

​Owners of menacing type dogs may be able to have their pets neutered or spayed for free with the help of a grant from central government as part of the national strategy to reduce the risk and harm of dog attacks.

Under New Zealand laws four breeds and one type of dog are automatically classified as menacing. These are the breeds Brazilian Fila, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Perro de Presa Canario and the American Pit Bull Terrier type of dog.

National and local law require all classified menacing dogs to be de-sexed and micro chipped. They must also be muzzled while in a public space.

Council is working in partnership with local vets to ensure all menacing dogs in our District are compliant with the classification. Known dog owners with menacing type dogs will receive an information pack in the mail shortly.

We encourage owners of menacing dogs to get in behind this programme and help make our communities safer.

Benefits of de-sexing:

  • your pet will still be the same loving animal
  • a de-sexed dog cannot get cancer or other diseases of the reproductive organs
  • de-sexing reduces the dogs desire to roam thereby lessening the likelihood of your dog being hit by a car or injured in fights with other dogs
  • de-sexing reduces the number of unwanted and neglected dogs that end up in animal shelters
  • your dog registration will be cheaper.

Sadly New Zealand has many unwanted and neglected dogs that end up in animal shelters. De-sexing and responsible ownership are the only way to address the cause. Your dog registration will also be cheaper.

Keep children safe from dog bites:

  • always supervise small children around dogs
  • put your dog in another room on occasions such as children's parties where it could become over excited
  • remember any dog that is provoked or frightened could growl, snap at or bite a child
  • speak to visiting children on how they should behave around your dog
  • children should not be allowed to shriek and leap around a dog as it may cause the dog to react badly. Similarly do not let a child sit on a dog or grab its tail
  • keep children away from a dog that is sick, tired or has puppies
  • socialise your dog with children
  • don’t let children tease your dog, hurt it, tightly hug it or put their faces close to its face
  • keep children away from dogs on a chain
  • keep children away from dogs that are eating or sleeping.



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