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Maunu Road and Porowini Avenue intersection works

This page contains information about the widening of the bridge and intersection at the Porowini Avenue and Maunu Road.
Updated: 5/06/2019 12:00 a.m.

​The design is complete and the contract has been let to widen the bridge and intersection at the Porowini Avenue intersection with Maunu Road. This week contractors will set-up on site, and next week will start excavating to locate underground services prior to relocating them. 

United Civil Construction Ltd will take about seven months to make this intersection big enough to carry more traffic, more safely than in the past. 

It will include a new layout for the intersection, relocating all the services (power, fibre, water and wastewater), widening and strengthening the bridge, widening the intersection and footpaths and installing new streetlights. 



Relocate services


Widen and strengthen old bridge

October - January 2020:

Widen and re-build intersection, paths etc.

Road closures

Porowini Avenue

Turning right from Porowini Avenue to Maunu Road will be banned during the work to keep traffic flowing left onto Maunu, which is the most common route. 

Single lanes will also be closed from time to time on Porowini Avenue and occasionally there will be short, full closures for critical activities. Traffic control and sign-posted detours will be installed when required.

Maunu Road

Maunu Road will be open during normal business hours, night time lane restrictions may be required from time to time. Sign-posted detours will be installed when required.

Public information

Each time a major part of the project starts, and whenever there is a change that will affect businesses, residents, traffic and customers in the area, public notice will be given via email or social media, by letter to affected businesses or electronic message boards at the site. 

Contractor contact details will also be provided on information boards at the site.


When the job is complete, the left and right turn lanes from Porowini Avenue will be long enough for left turning traffic to flow smoothly, rather than queuing behind right turning traffic.

For traffic turning into Porowini Avenue from Maunu Road, the wider intersection will allow safer and easier access to Porowini.

Other works

Contractors working on this project will be coordinating with the contractors working on the intersection of Otaika Road (State Highway One) and Tarewa Road (which connects to central Porowini Avenue) to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible. 



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